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Escort 1.3 carb 1991 91AB - mak
I wish to check/set the idle/mixture on the Escort and bought a Digital Engine Analyzer to monitor the rpm. Looking at the instructions it seems this can only be used on "conventional engines" as one lead connects to the battery neg and the other to the coil neg. How can I use this, if at all, on the escort. It warns not to be used on engines with electronic ignition systems. I noticed that there is a covered plug,2 terminals, within the loom in the right side of the scuttle.Is this for checking the ignition? I hope I have not wasted my money.I know there is a wealth of knowledge/experience out there, please help.
Many thanks
Escort 1.3 carb 1991 91AB - mfarrow
Electronic Ignition systems have much higher output voltages than conventional systems. I did however manage to get a tacho from an older escort working in my car.

The coil pack on this engine is round the back nearest the timing chain cover. The coils are fed by the black wire, and the outputs are the Green striped wires. The tacho on the dash taps into one of the green striped wires. Don't disconnect either of these unless you want major misfire! The ignition module shorts either of the two green wires whenever it wants the plugs to spark!

My best bet would be to do what the tacho does, and tap into one of the green wires. But, as I say, the voltages might be too high for the poor analyser.


Mike Farrow

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