jetta ignition problem - Johncb
I have a late 90 jetta 16v which runs unevenly and occasionally cuts out. The problem is believed to exist at higher revs but is more obvious on tickover. My (very helpful) VW specialist has spent several hours attempting to diagnose the problem, and has narrowed it down to a malfunction in the ignition. The Crypton tester shows an intermittent (every 10 to 40 seconds) loss of spark, the Crypton signal "breaking down in the middle of the scale as if turning up a resistor in the ignition circuit".
He has borrowed the following components from other vehicles: coil, ECU, amplifier, leads and has fitted a new distributor, all to no effect. He is now suggesting there may be a fault in the loom.
Any suggestions would be very welcome!
Re: jetta ignition problem - Ben Chapman
Could be a problem with the wire where the hall sender plugs in or the throttle cut of switch. I will think about it, and get back to you when i have more time.
BTW if you want to go quickly in a Jetta 16v you need a 42mm inlet of an early car. If you like i will swap yours for one of the desireable 42mm ones. It will give you about 7ft/lb in the mid-range.

Jetta ignition problem - David Lacey
Ben - I think this is the least of John's problems!


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