Synthetic Oil - Dan J
The Cavalier is due it's second service under my ownership and I was wondering what oil to use. The car has a full service history and has a very "clean" engine so given all the benefits of fully synthetic that everyone has been extolling, should I use that from now on and will it increase the life of the engine?
Re: Synthetic Oil - Rick
I have a 1990 honda accord that has always had 100% synthetic oil. the car has now done 301,000 miles and still does not either use or lose oil. That must be a good reccomendation
Re: Synthetic Oil - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
What is the mileage now? If over 60-70k I wouldn't waste money on full synthetic. I have a regular customer with 315k on a 1600 '89 Cav which has used either Valvoline Turbo V or latterly Texaco X1 semi-synth or Agip 15w40 mineral. The emission readings have to be seen to be believed!
Re: Synthetic Oil - Dan J
315k?! I will be gobsmacked (but happy) if it makes it that far. It's actually got 70k on it so I think I'll take your advice and go "half-way" with the semi-synth.

Cheers for the advice
Re: Synthetic Oil - David W

Change at 6,000 miles or 6 months and any decent branded 15/40 or 10/40 will do, semi-syn might make you feel better.

Our local garage is selling Vauxhall semi-syn at £8.10 for 5 litres.......bargain at half the price of Halfords own brand semi-syn.

Re: Synthetic Oil - ROBIN
Just remember that oil oxidises,whether you use the car or not,so time is as important as mileage.
I even change the oil in my lawnmowers every 6 months!
Get something with an A3 rating at least,I'm still trying to find A4 or 5 oil,except that it needs to be B4 or 5,since we are now 100% diesel.
Re: Synthetic Oil - THe Growler
Yes, my old foreman always said that, change oil quarterly regardless of mileage, it is standing around and/or short runs that causes its properties to deteriorate the most. I've always followed that advice.
Re: Synthetic Oil - David W
Because I'm doing my own cars, and the cost to me for oil/filter is only£8, I change the oil on our TD Citroens every 3000 miles.

Personally I think it is more important as the engines age. Most folk tend to say it's only an old car so it's not really worth servicing. That starts the downhill spiral.

Premature oil changes? - David Lacey
But, don't you think 3000 miles is a little too often?

Years ago when we had single grade lubricants/dirty & inefficient engines and low quality fuelling then perhaps 3000 mile intervals were necessary.

But with todays efficient engines and detergent oils, I would personally double the interval to 6K and spend the saved dosh on beer....


Re: Premature oil changes? - David W
You might be right David but it can't do any harm....and if it keeps me happy.

There is an additional reason though. All of our cars dp at least two runs a day from cold of only 1 - 3 miles. I'm trying to offset the detrimental effect of this.

Re: Premature oil changes? - Simon Saxton

I agree with you David, 6K changes are adequate.There is also the question of using a fully synthetic oil if you run a turbo.


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