Immobilisers? Huh! - THe Growler
Pointless, so far as I can see. Anyone could have driven off with it.

Herself today fronts up with angelic grin (warning bells immediately jangle). Has locked her keys in car.

Babes it's OK Orlando down the road opened up the car and got them out.

Why didn't you get the spare keys? Because you were sleeping (true, I did lunch well at the local Chamber of Commerce, it being Friday).

Didn't the alarm go off?

Oh just for a minute, made a big noise but Orlando fixed that. he made me 2 more keys also.

How did he get in to the car?

(impatience replaces angelic grin) How do I know?, that's his job. Mahal give me money to pay him. (It is no coincidence that "mahal" here where I live serves as both a term of endearment and the adjective for "expensive").

(weary sigh) How much?

500 Pesos.

What, for 5 minutes' work breaking into your car?

Well he fixed it, didn't he?

You could have woken me and asked for the spare key.

(angelic smile returns) Babe you were sleeping. You know how cranky you are when you're woken up unexpectedly (long fingers begin massaging neck). He's a nice guy just give me the 500 please.

......................................Growlette 1, Growler 0.

Henman, mate I know how you feel.Sometimes no matter how hard you try you just can't win.


Value my car