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I am about to buy my 3rd punto. OK, we all have our odd, little perversions - don't we?Motorpoint seem to offer a good deal but if anyone has dealt with them I would value their opinion.I know that the cars are not UK sourced and have only 12 month's warranty but do they have any peculiarities I should look out for.Any advice, knowledge,whatever gratefully received. Thank you
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Check the car carefully for dents & scratches as well as rearranged trim as space is at a real premium.PDI facilities are virtually non existent so check is likely to consist of, does it start, does it move and does it stop. Part exchange allowances reflect the saving on the new car so be prepared if you have a car to chop in. Haggling is not a recognised word. Value for money, undoubtedly.
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Check the service book to see when THEY bought the car, this is when the warranty runs from. Sometimes they have been hanging around some places for months. Also carefully check it is UK Spec.

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As already stated have a good look around for dents, etc. Make sure it has the keys - if new. Additionally make sure you are familiar with the model you are buying as you may only notice bits and pieces are missing after you have left the place, though you are technically buying "as seen".

I bought a Mondeo unseen, I was going away the day it arrived at Motorpoint so I had a flying visit to make sure it was exactly what I thought I was getting. The car was factory fresh as it still had all the protective wrappers on. However, during a cursory inspection, I noticed part of the armrest storage was missing and a large black plastic cover was placed on the back seat. Me being naive, I thought that will be sorted a couple of weeks later when I collected the car. The storage box component was still missing - 2 quid to replace from my nephew at Quicks - but the black plastic cover was nowhere to be seen. I consoled myself that it had been placed where it belonged. It turns out it was the battery cover and guess what? That was absent too. Again that was cheap to replace.

What does give pause for thought is the apparent indifference that appears to be given to preparing your valuable purchase. Don't get me wrong, I made a substantial saving and I am happy with it and the tenner it has cost me for the parts pales into insignificance when compared to the £3.5k I saved. The nagging doubt is if the "valeters" are careless with trim bits what are they doing when actually driving the vehicles around the site?

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