pensioners with speed cameras??? - ladas are cool
has anybody heard about the pensioners which are being recruited by the police to use speed cameras, i know this sounds like a joke, but its not. it just shows you that you should always be nice to old people.
Re: pensioners with speed cameras??? - Andrew Smith
It was on the news this morn. The upshoot seemed to be that if caught you would recieve a telling off letter rather than a NIP. Whether this is true remains to be seen.
Re: pensioners with speed cameras??? - AndyS
I regularly have to travel through a village called Chideock on the A35 in Dorset. I have a pet theory that they employ a panel of OAP drivers who pick you up about 1/2 mile outside the village and escort you through at 20mph. It has a 30mph limit. Even if I felt so inclined, I have NEVER managed to breach it!
Re: pensioners with speed cameras??? - budu
There are speed cameras at both ends of Chideock but there is probably no film in them - speaking from experience...
Re: pensioners with speed cameras??? - Mark (Brazil)
I assume that you weren't dun in Chideock then ?

Well, I amuse me.
Re: pensioners with speed cameras??? - budu
I wasn't done but after today's trip I am not sure.
Re: pensioners with speed cameras??? - Brian
I have no problem with this, so long as they are being deployed sensibly. Anyone who drives too fast through a village where there are children and animals liable to come out at you deserves a telling-off.

What worries me is whether the persons operating it are going to stick rigidly to "the 29 mph = safe, 31mph = homicidal maniac" philosophy, regardless of weather, traffic density and time of day.
Re: pensioners with speed cameras??? - Tomo
Pensioners with cameras v pensioners with Supras?
Re: pensioners with speed cameras??? - THe Growler
Just a minute: please somebody define "pensioner". I retired at 50, so am theoretically a "pensioner" if you define the term as someone who receives a pension. The implication in these columns that all such are old and fuddled is offensive and I am sure I would be backed in the European Court of Human Rights. I may not be called "old", although you may refer to me as "differently aged".

Another thought, all you lads will be there someday, in your cloth caps and car jackets, dawdling off down to the PO to collect your pittance, just like the current lot you deride so fearlessly.. Bet you'll be whingeing too, at this breed of young drivers with no respect for the rules of road...not a bit how it was in your day, eh? Cor, I remember when we could do 70 mph (they used miles in those days) and all the cars were silver, instead of the gov't brown which is compulsory now.

But wait, hope will be at hand. You'll be able to get a part-time job nicking 'em all with a speed camera and get your own back. I bet you'll have every single one doing 0.3km over the 15 kph limit (new limits and Euromeasures wil have come in by then of course). Something to look forward to!
Re: pensioners with speed cameras??? - Alwyn
The Welsh Environment Minister wants speed limiters on cars. Shows how much she knows.

Perhaps we won't be *able* to exceed 15 kph!
Re: pensioners with speed cameras??? - ladas are cool
it said pensioners on the radio, i dont know how old that means, but i guess its people over 60 years old.
Re: pensioners with speed cameras??? - Alwyn
There is a serious danger to this. I saw a documentary which showed "pensioners" speed checking cars through a village. They were recording the results.

However, on two occasions, when the TV cameras were behind the operator and showing the recorded speed at less than the 40 mph limit, the operator called out

"49, that one"

Helps their case but not true. Still, you will all recall the policeman who was sacked after a colleague reported him for clocking a lady driver at 10 mph over the limit when he had just removed the battery from his gun prior to ending his shift.

I presume HJ will recall this incident
Re: pensioners with speed cameras??? - Perodua Nippa
Apparently, it is every lada owner's dream to have a speeding ticket, so they can get it framed.

Is Jasper Carrott's assertion correct?


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