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Peugeot 306 Headlights - andypenclawdd
Hi, Ive just got myself a 306 XNd N reg, and all is good apart from my dipped headlights have stopped working!

I have had a flick through the manual and concluded that it must be something to do with the dim dip facility. Ive had a look at what i assume are relays mentioned in the manual, and they APPEAR to be ok and click away when I switch between full beam and dipped. The dash indicator light for dipped and main beam also changes so I assume this means that the multi switch in the stalk is ok too. This makes me think it must be either one of the diodes within one of the relays of the dim dip resistor? However I cannot locate this unit. Can anyone tell me where to find it? I read a similar post to this on here but the instructions were not that clear to me - can someone please help as I cant drive around at night as it stands!


Peugeot 306 Headlights - Crinkly Dave
I will ask the obvious question before anyone else does. Have you checked the bulbs?
The reduced voltage to the dipped filaments makes them likely to fail.
Peugeot 306 Headlights - andypenclawdd
yeah i have checked the bulbs, first thing we did! Ive located the the resistor now which is good, however i dont know which of the three connections is which - as i think i will just bipass the resistor for the full power dipped operation and forgo having dim dipped operation. Any one know which connection is which?

Peugeot 306 Headlights - IanT
Assuming you are looking at the same Haynes wiring diagram as me (mine is for 1993-1995 306's which should cover your N-reg).

It's a bit tricky to follow the wiring, but my interpretation is that normal dipped operation bypasses the dim/dip resistor, which is used only when flashing the headlights during an alarm.

Normal dipped operation is:
1. Column switch sends 12v to pin 1 on relay number 26, which switches the relay on.

2. Relay 26 then sends 12v out on pin 5 (the power having come from the battery positive control unit number 15).

3. 12v enters dim/dip resistor number 27 on pin 1 and passes straight through leaving on pin 2, bypassing the actual resistance.

4. Full 12v is then passed to both headlights.

It would be a useful test to deliberately set the alarm off and see if the headlights flash. If they do, the resistor (and the bulbs) must be OK, and the fault must be in relay 26 or the column switch.

Peugeot 306 Headlights - andypenclawdd
well that would be a good idea was it not for one thing.... i dont have an alarm!

I have removed the resistor now and the terminals on it are melted, which im assuming means thats its affecting the normal and dim operation? if the multiplyg is damaged (which it is) this could lead to leakage and hence non operation?

Peugeot 306 Headlights - IanT
Relay 26 (normal dipped beam operation) is the green relay in the centre of the back row in the engine compartment relay box.

Relay 25 (dim dipped beam during alarm operation) is the brown relay on the engine side of the back row in the engine compartment relay box.

But I've not found the dim/dip resistor (number 27). Andy, could you tell me where yours is? Logically, it should be next to the relays, but it beats me!

Additional note: if the dipped beam warning light works, then the column switch must be working OK.

Peugeot 306 Headlights - IanT
I was writing my previous note at the same time as you, Andy, so missed your question ...

If the resistor is damaged to the extent that there is no continuous connection (zero resistance) between pins 1 and 2, then the dipped headlights won't work.

Begs the question of what caused the terminals to melt in the first place!

Peugeot 306 Headlights - ChasMichael
Exactly the same problem on my sons Pug 306 1.9TD
Dipped (both) not working
Tested with new bulbs... full fine... dipped not at all
Dashboard dipped head warning lights comes on

Had dipped working once out of the blue earlier in week... then not since.

Son had fitted 100/80w bulbs (as I have to do on my sadly underlit Volvo S40!)..

Might that have caused problem?
(burned out resistor?)

Getting a bit old to play around under car bonnets (which I now do reluctantly!) but do not to pay an arm and a leg to local Pug dealers if I can sort it myself.

Any advice?

Cheers... Chas (new to this forum)

Peugeot 306 Headlights - Bossworld
Have to note having seen this post that the aforementioned car had the dim/dip resister replaced around a month ago, lights suddenly packed in after driving off in front of the volvo!

Got two from the scrappies, first one didn't work, second didn't until i made sure the connection was firm so perhaps the first one did, have advised to try that.

Have been reading around on the internet, a man with an old 505 claims that the resistor just kicks out a lower voltage, which would make me assume that the bulb would go first, as the power it is receiving is limited by the resistor, and therefore it isn't drawing more current from that? Have a limited knowledge of physics so unsure on whether the higher powered bulbs would be drawing more voltage or just using what they were receiving.

The bulbs have been in since July 2006 without previous problem.

Here was the link re: the 505: www.vectorbd.com/peugeot/archive/98_4/0318.html

Do pug main dealers still sell the resistor? Never found one on a car newer than a ph1 in the scrappy despite much looking so I'm led to believe i've just compounded the problem by using another 10 year old resistor!

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