Shock absorbers - terryb
The JGC had its last main-dealer service this morning. It's out of warranty already but they gave me a discount voucher for it!

Anyway, they report a back shock absorber is starting to weep. It can't be too bad because it passed the MOT last month! They're quoting £49.95 plus vat and fitting. My questions for those learned backroomers with experience of this sort of thing are:

1. Is this a reasonable price?
2. Would someone like ATS Euromaster be cheaper?
3. Would the job be as good (workmanship and quality of part)
4. Can I get just the one done or should I do the pair?
5. I'm off to la Belle France next week for a couple of weeks - would it be cheaper to go to a Euromaster place there?

Thanks in advance

Shock absorbers - Chas{P}
The JGC had its last main-dealer service this morning.

Sorry I'm not sure what a 'JGC' is. Please enlighten us.

Shock absorbers - Alfafan {P}
I assumed a Jeep Grand Cherokee.
Shock absorbers - Nsar
Sounds pretty cheap to me, and I think I'm right in saying that worn shocks increase your braking distance by quite a bit.
Shock absorbers - Mapmaker
Sounds about right for a shock for a nice polluting vehicle like that one. :)

I wouldn't go on a driving holiday with a dodgy car. Haven't you got better things to do on holiday than:

1. worry whether it will fail somewhere between Leeds & Carcassonne; and
2. spend 3 days in the middle of rural france looking for an ATS Euromaster who is closed for the whole of July, and has never seen a GJC. And all that to save possibly £5?

As to whether ATS are cheaper, why don't you ring them and ask? (How much did the main dealer say the labour would cost?)
Shock absorbers - Victorbox
Always fit as a pair. I'm surprised a main dealer is quoting for just one shock absorber unless £49.95 + VAT & fitting is for a pair!
Shock absorbers - Edward
Had a Peugeot 405 SRi years ago. Rear shocks started to go so I got new ones fitted at a local tyre etc fitters because it was only 2/3 the price of Peugeot. Totally ruined the beautiful ride handling combination.
Shock absorbers - patently
I guess a JGC will still be ok then?

Shock absorbers - Mapmaker
Hic! Chi! IHC.
Shock absorbers - Sooty Tailpipes
If that's the deale price, I wouldn't bother shopping around, as that is already cheap.
Most Tyre centres fit kyb shock absorbers ( a budget brand) Sometimes one part will replace several OE part numbers, which makes thema compromise.. (eg dealers may see different ones for heavier diesels or sport models on their parts list)
Shock absorbers - terryb
Thanks again to those who came up with sensible replies!

Yes, JGC is Jeep Grand Cherokee, as per my profile. I was worried about the dealer quote because (a) they said it would be okay to fit just one and (b) the total including labour would be £100 as near as dammit. Also, dealer is about 40 miles away from home, so not very convenient.

Anyway, local ATSEuromaster (end of my road)does Munroes for £49.69 each plus VAT including fitting, so they're getting the job tomorrow.

Shock absorbers - J Bonington Jagworth
You are having both done, aren't you? Even if the 'good' one is OK, it's likely to have different characteristics to the Monroe version and an axle with different rebound rates at each end is going to behave oddly!
Shock absorbers - Civic8
Sorry but it isnt right to change one damper only never has may encounter not only ride difference but also tyre rate wear diff as fact you may get probs with handling on there is no way I know of to test a damper would suggest changing isnt a good idea to change one on its own
Shock absorbers - terryb
Thanks JbJ and Mech1. Yes, I am having both back corners done together.

Their advice to have just 1 done makes me doubt the abilities of the main dealer.

Shock absorbers - SjB {P}
Hijack: Why do we call dampers, shock absorbers, when in fact they don't absorb shock at all, they simply stop the resultant movement from being out of control!?
Shock absorbers - NowWheels
SjB, I once owned a car with very worned out shock absorbers. The handling was pretty shocking ...
Shock absorbers - Sooty Tailpipes
They are 'shock-absorber' assemblies, ie damper and spring and strut or whatever.
Just like people call tyre and road-wheel assemblies 'wheels', or window and door assemblies 'doors'.
Shock absorbers - J Bonington Jagworth
Which reminds me that the key mechanical invention was not the wheel, but the axle...
Shock absorbers - SjB {P}
...They are 'shock-absorber' assemblies, ie damper and spring and strut or whatever...

Sure, but say to someone who has the slightest clue about car components "What does a shock absorber look like?" and they'll describe two tubes, one slightly larger in diameter than the other, each with a large ring at the end. The most common type of automotive damper. Not a shock absorber assembly complete with spring, etc, etc.

Anyway, pedant mode
Just one of my hobby horses! ;-)

Shock absorbers - SjB {P}
... Anyway, pedant mode ...

That was supposed to say Anyway, pedant mode off, but putting the OFF in two sets of less than/greater than symbols obviously stops it displaying all together!
Shock absorbers - Civic8
I think you answered your own question there.shock absorber/damper both mean the same.controlling shock movement.
or slow it down.varying degrees of makeup of dampers will control the severety of traction loss of road wheel.

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