leaning peugeot 106 - Yak

Ive just bought a 94 105 XND. It all seemed fine when I bought it but Ive just noticed, parked in a car park, that it leans to the right. Or rather the car leans at the front to wards the drivers side. The car drives farly well, goes in a strait line, brakes in a strate line and goes round corners ok. But putting my hand between the top of the frony wheels and the arch there is a bigger gap on the passendure side compared to the drivers side by about an inch or so!

I just can see what is wrong. Ive had a good look under niether and cant see any damage. The strut looks ok just on the drives side the bottom of the spring it high up into the car. Ive had a feel round the spring but it does not seem to be broken.

Any one elce had this on this little car? Presumably its the same layout as a saxo. Or could it be someing at the back upsetting the front surspention. It seems leveler at the back though. Just hopeing i havny just bought a lemon :/
leaning peugeot 106 - dieselhead
Could be wrong but i would imagine the back end must also be affected unless the body is twisted which must be unlikely.
I would suggest measuring the trim height all round (height from ground to top of wheel arch) to see how far it has sagged.
Remember a Peugeot 305 van some years ago that has a similar torsion beam type rear axle. This started to lean to the right as it passed 120k miles as the OS axle bearing became worn out. Seems to be a common problem post 100k on 306 and 405's but not heard of it affecting 106's before.
A garage should be able to check the axle using a lever to find any excessive play in the bearings.
leaning peugeot 106 - Peter D
Busted front spring or just tired. Jack up the wheel until it just comes off the floor then lower it 1 cm and measure the length if the spring, bit difficult at the top but can be done.. then put the car back down and measure the compressed length. Now repeat on the passenger side. if it still is not clear then check the rear bear is not bent, jack both sides of the beam up and observe that both wheels should be equally distant from the ground. Usually the problem is a busted spring and the bottom bit has been spat out. Inspect the springs to mage sure they are of the same age, colour etc in case one hase been changed but the replacement was the wrong one. Regards Peter
leaning peugeot 106 - Yak
Ill do some proper mesurements on it when I get home. Any one got an idea where the jacking points are for a trolly jack under the front and back of the car.
leaning peugeot 106 - madf
I put trolley jack under lower suspension arm on front, under rear at rear on SWBO's 106

Could use sill jacking points but too high a lift for me..


leaning peugeot 106 - Peter D
Send me an e-mail by clicking on Peter_D and obtaining the address and I will send you a Picture.

I not sure what Madf means but is he is talking jacking onto the lower arm near the hub then that is a no no, It was never design to lift considerable weight and you will bend the arm/plate. Regards Peter
leaning peugeot 106 - Peter D
There were two ratings of spring for your model and do not forget the rear is a pair of torsion bars that can be at fault. To isolate them jack the rear up, I do not approve of jacking up in the middle of the beam so I jack it up using two jacks at either end of the beam, untill the wheels leave the floor. Then measure the wheel arch clearance at the two front wheels, if they are still different then there is your prob, either somthing is bent, doubt it, or half to a turn missing off a spring . Manual shows a 5 and 1/2 turn spring. Regards Peter
leaning peugeot 106 - Andrew-T
Suggest you jack where the front subframe bolts to the bodyshell, just in front of the footwells. The only possible rear point might be the transverse tube which carries the trailing arms, but I wouldn't advise it.
leaning peugeot 106 - stokie

My 94 106 ski diesel has the same 'problem', but it's not got any worse since I bought the car 4 years and 80000 miles ago. The previous owner had crashed it and had the driver's side front wing repaired so I've been putting the lean down to that, but maybe I'll try measuring spring lengths as other posters suggest.

leaning peugeot 106 - Mecon
Yak - My 95 106XND (108k miles) also looks as though it leans to the drivers side when parked and has done for the last 7 years! The handling does not seem to be affected. I assumed that the previous owner was very heavy and the springs were tired! I have noticed however that if you apply the handbrake while still moving slowly, it tends to come on on one side slightly sooner causing the suspension to "heave" so that that the car does not sit quite level.
leaning peugeot 106 - Pith Helmet

I have the same problem (1995 Peugeot 106 1.5 Diesel ). I have just replaced the front O/S spring with a new one and its only marginally better, about 1cm lower. As iIts not a problem and doesnt affect the car at all, I am just going to live with it!

leaning peugeot 106 - Pith Helmet

Well, I still have the mighty Peugeot and it still has the lean. I'm now convinced it's the rear suspension that's at fault as the N/S rear tyre is noticeably worn on the extremity of the inside edge. I'm wondering if the O/S torsion bar has weakened and I can jack that side up by going up one spline on the torsion bar....... any help greatfully received

leaning peugeot 106 - Wackyracer

Quite possible that the rear trailing arm bearing and pin are worn out on that side.

leaning peugeot 106 - liammcl

yay for the awesome 106 :)
I had to do a double take... two 106 threads !

My back wheel are splayed , like /---\

I've been looking at swapping the axle
..maybe from a scrap 106, and then selling the donor car on as scrap


It does look do-able..

Pug Power ! :D


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