Ulysse/C8/807 - CannyScot
There seem to be some great deals for the Ulysse, poverty spec 2.0 petrol for a bit over £13k new. Ever since Fifth gear did the crash test between new/old Espace's where the old one ended as a mess but new one just needed a t-cut I have fancied a NCAP 5 star car for the family. Would running a Ulysse for 5 years plus confirm my previous doubts about Fiat or could it be safe and reasonably cheap motoring?

Ps New to the site, I have searched for previous similar questions but please excuse me if this is a commonly repeated one!
Ulysse/C8/807 - DavidHM
Not a common question on the Ulysse. In fact, apart from the Addison Lee cars, I can't ever remember seeing a new shape one.

As for your question, I doubt that build quality is the best, but they are safe and probably 'not that bad, all things considered.' At five years old, you'd be lucky to get more than £6-£7k for the diesel, and less still for the petrol, so a Seat Alhambra, for instance, would probably be worth more and cost about the same based on the prices I can get.

However, £13k is astonishingly cheap; I can't do better than £14,300 for the petrol ( www.nccsales.co.uk/ ) and £1k more for the diesel. Unless you have a massive phobia of diesels, or do a tiny mileage and there is a bigger premium for the diesel, then I'd say that it makes sense at that kind of money.

Addison Lee runs very professional minicabs in London and it's the mainstay of their fleet, and while their decision must obviously be based partly on price, they're obviously reliable enough for them to keep purchasing.
Ulysse/C8/807 - Quinny100
We have a C8 2.2HDi on our fleet at work. Build quality is pretty good and its been perfectly reliable.

Its not a bad car to drive, and its a lovely car to be a passenger in.

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