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Petrol Price - Bruce
Why has petrol gone down to 69.9 per litre in my town? With all the tension in the oil producing areas I would have thought it was going to go up. I am not complaining just confused.
Re: Petrol Price - Miller
I bet some diesel owners are crying in their beer at the minute!
Re: Petrol Price - richard turpin
LPG is still half price.
Re: Petrol Price - ladas are cool
i know its half price, but the cost of having it installed is far too much for people like me, my cars are worth very little, so i would not benefit.
Re: Petrol Price - peter charnley
And could smw one tell me why diesel prices are now 4p or so more expensive?
Re: Petrol Price - Dan J
From what I can gather, though fuel prices were actually expected to go up, because the Yanks are travelling significantly less, there has been an unexpected glut of oil on the market. This has lowered petrol prices but the oil companies are taking the pee as regards diesel as if crude is cheaper, so is everything else!

Don't hold your breath though - I believe the Arabs took offence at the general situation when the US was involved in something in the early 70's and left the world with an oil shortage that lasted several years afterwards!

Get your car filled up at that price whilst you can...
Re: Petrol Price - John Wall
Apparantly its because of the fall in the demand for aviation fuel-its had a knock on affect.
Re: Petrol Price - Richard Hall
Petrol and diesel prices are all over the place at the moment. I found one Shell garage doing Optimax super unleaded (my fuel of choice) for 74.9p, but the next time I needed to fill up (from a garage 50 miles away from the first) it was 86.9p.
Re: Petrol Price - ladas are cool
you are all lucky, because the garage i get petrol from is 73.9 pence per litre, and thats for normal unleaded, diesel is 76.9, and LRP is 78.9, the garage is called... Save garages, on tynemouth road, north shields.
Re: Petrol Price - ladas are cool
i just thought of something, another save garage which is just down the road from the other save garage, is charging 3p per litre more on each fuel than the other garage, so the unleaded is 76.9, the diesel is 79.9, and the LRP is a whopping 81.9, the thing is, both garages are on the same road, guess which one goes out of business first.
Re: Petrol Price - Morning Campers!
No need to guess which one goes bust first ....

.... they already have.

At least, Save Group the parent is in administration and its shares suspended.
Re: Petrol Price - test
Re: Petrol Price - oops
oops sorry, did not mean to post that here!

Re: Petrol Price - Martyn [Back Room moderator]
We'll let it go this once
Re: Petrol Price - ladas are cool
really! thats a shame because i know someone who works for the cheaper one of the two, i hope he can keep going.
Re: Petrol Price - Cliff Pope
LPG may be cheap(er) now, but wait till it catches on and then see what happens to the price/tax. Diesel used to be cheap once.

Re: Petrol Price - Dan J
Exactly what I said on a thread a long, long time ago! Probably okay for a few years yet but if it catches on you'll see the benefits simply disappear...
Re: Petrol Price - me
i think you'll find the USA is rigging the oil market at the moment to try and keep the western economies from going even more downhill...

i understood they were going to release their emergency reserves onto the market, thereby causing over-supply, hence price goes down

but this isnt normal free market operating, it heavily manipulated war footing economy in action...
Re: Petrol Price - Honest John
Diesel is always dearer in winter because it's the basically same stuff as heating oil demand for which rises hugely at this time of year. As there is a limit to the amount of light oil which can be refined from each barrel of crude, the laws of supply and demand take over.

Petrol Price vs LPG - Guy Lacey
Oh - here we go again. The LPG doubters go on about how the Government are going to sting those who have had their cars converted. At present, the price of LPG is circa 50% that of unleaded, in the past only 35-40%.

Do you seriously think the Govt., that is handing out grants for LPG conversions, is going to lump a duty increase on LPG effective to a 100% price increase while leaving petrol/diesel untouched? No - of course they won't. LPG will remain economical for me until the price difference reaches a mere 10p/L between LPG and unleaded, once the £600 conversion cost has been repaid (approx 12,000 miles or 8 months)

U petrol users keep sticking your heads in the sand with comments ref duty, loss of power, poor mpg, can't use the chunnel, lack of boot-space, lack of spare tyre. . . . . .I'll just keep on saving half my fuel bill thanks!
Re: Petrol Price vs LPG - ChrisR
I'm getting at least a 30% benefit in fuel costs by using diesel. Why buy a petrol car and pay to convert it to LPG?

Re: Petrol Price vs LPG - Guy Lacey
.......because I get a 50% benefit in fuel costs and don't have to drive a diesel.
Re: Petrol Price vs LPG - Brian
Brent crude is down to around $21 a barrel, as opposed to $30 a few months ago, as a result of the oncoming recession in world trade, reinforced by less travel as a result of the WTC attack.
Market forces have pushed that through to the pump.
This means that the proportion of the pump price represented by tax (which is a fixed sum, not a percentage) is now higher than ever.

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