Road Tax - zak
I have never seen this topic raised on this site before, so forgive me if it has already been discussed.

I recently heard that camers to detect road tax dodgers are in use in London, (soon to be everywhere else as well no doubt), why for god's sake don't they just scrap this outdated nonsense and put 2-3p a litre on fuel instead - those who run bigger engines/do more miles pay more road tax.

Think of the benefits:

1)The Government would probably cover the revenue gained from tax discs.

2)Because the treasury could sack a whole workforce of pen-pushers and bureaucrats, they would save money not having to administer the current scheme (they could also shut down the ridiculous 'road tax cheats hotline').

3)Less queueing/time wasted in post offices.

4)Cash flow of any road haulage company would be enourmously improved (by not having to shell out thousands up front to tax the trucks).

Such an obvious solution, why not implement it?
Re: Road Tax - me
yea but road tax is partly about making sure you have mot/insurance and have told them youve moved address, it does none of this perfectly, but at least its better than nothing at all

i agree tax disc is a poor way of taxing people

but i think we should have to have an MOT/insurance sticker of some kind
Re: Road Tax - Tom Shaw
There is no such tax as road tax - it is Vehicle Excise Duty. You pay for owning a vehicle not for using the road. If the price of fuel was raised instead of VED then everything you buy would go up in price, because at some stage in it's life it would have to be transported by road.

Campaigning for VED to be replaced by fuel tax increases is a classic case of "I agree with taxation, but only if others have to shoulder the burden".
Re: Road Tax - Paul Robinson
At one time, petrol prices were included in the 'basket of goods' that formed RPI (ie inflation figures) but VED wasn't. Any shift of revenue to fuel costs increased inflation figures and this was considered politically unacceptable, but I'm not sure what the current position is!
Re: Road Tax - Peter M
Re: insurance sticker - good idea, they've had them in France for years It seems simple to implement, just a small tear-off slip at the bottom of your insurance certificate. It wouldn't cost anything extra.
Re: Road Tax - THe Growler
Yes I don't see the connx between the need for a VED disk and ensuring insurance. If the insurance papers annually simply included a small sticker you would tag on to the rear license plate, surely that would cover the issue? You could then be identified as having current insurance, expired insurance, or no insurance.

Then, and here is the master-stroke, the speedcameras could do the policing job!

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