soft paintwork on Astra - Robin Hall
I have a 1994 Vauxhall Astra Convertible which has paintwork that seems to scratch very easily. Is there any product I can use ( a polish maybe?) that I can use to protect it? I also have trouble polishing out the scratches and am wary of using anything too abrasive. I've tried the polishes with colour in but they don't seem to work as well as on previous cars I have owned.

It is a light grey colour ( Flint Grey I am told but I have yet to find the exact Vauxhall match) and I have heard that Vauxhall were experimenting with "environmentally friendly" paints at the time.

Any help gratefully received
Re: soft paintwork on Astra - honestjohn
Polish with Autoglym Super Resin Polish, then top off with two coats of Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection.


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