Benefit of the doubt - John Wall
There I was, two weeks ago today,washing and waxing my humble Mondeo when this "nice" person doubling as a boy racer in a G reg Escort decided to hit my parked car and smash the door mirror. I was standing beside the car at the time and once I had come down from 90000 feet and realised that this person hadn't stopped, I clocked his full index and went off down to the Police Station and filled out an accident report at the counter. Ha!! You'll see matey! I thought.
That evening I noticed the offending car parked outside an address 10 doors up from mine,so,being very clever (so I thought) I called at mateys door and showed him the broken mirror and the bill. (£15 but its the principle-he didnt stop). He said he would pay for it but he wouldnt have the money till the 25th-ie yesterday-ok I said,I will tell the Police what happened and cancel the report,which I duly did.
Yesterday matey said he would come round with my £15,surprise surprise he didnt,and I called him to ask him what had happened-he said his bank had messed up and he would bring round the money today-he didnt-hmmmmm.
His mobile now goes straight to answerphone too-not that he is screening his calls (yeah right).Of course now if I do anything he will probably arrange for my paintwork to be remodelled with a key or something like that.

Hmmm moral of the story is dont take the law into your own hands,let the police deal with scum like this and let them get the 5 - 10 points for failing to stop and the 5 - 10 points for failing to report/exchange details.
Thats what I get for giving him the benefit of the doubt-all I can say is if it happens again I will report it and leave it at that and not do anyone any favours.
Thanks for reading :0)

Re: Benefit of the doubt - Tomo
Don't know if the police would bother if it's just his word against yours, and nobody hurt. Too busy persecuting competent people trying to enjoy their motoring.
Re: Benefit of the doubt - Dave
Tomo wrote:
> Don't know if the police would bother if it's just his word
> against yours,

True bloke in my local town:

Done for:
Driving without insurance.
Inconsiderate and careless
Failing to Stop
Failing to report
Driving not in accordance with his license.

9 points. Small fine.

Another guy same court, same day.

Done for:
120 in a NSL 70.

Ban. Big fine.

The police don't mind crashing and driving without insurance. It's ONLY speed they care about.
Re: Benefit of the doubt - honest john
Sadly, Tomo is right.

Re: Benefit of the doubt - ChrisR
October's Cycling Plus magazine reports that an 82 year-old man, suffering from "confusion" killed a cyclist in Kent with his car. He didn't stop and was finally flagged down by a witness. The verdict? Accidental Death, and no charge. Another example is of a cyclist killed by the uninsured driver of a stolen car. The charge? Vehicle Theft. The same article tells the story of a cyclist in a 40mph limit being clocked at 23mph and stopped for a warning by the local road safety officer. And drivers think they have problems.


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