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Robbing shysters - Martyn [Back Room moderator]
Oh dear. Well, there are lots of these about, and the motor trade seems to have more than its fair share of the so-and-sos.

Nevertheless, unless you have admissible proof that there was intent to deceive you, please don't use the firm's name here in The Back Room, however disguised it is with asterisks. You might be sued. Worse, *I* might be sued. (There's nothing to stop you saying, for example, 'a well-known fast-fit franchise', which we'll all recognise anyway.)

Because of this I've withdrawn Bob's thread from the forum. I don't like doing it, but in this case there were too many accusations flying around and I have no option.
Re: Robbing shysters - Dave
Well a well-known franshise specialzing in doing things quickly has f**ked over lots of people I know...

I think you could have edited rather than deleted.

Apart form this minor grumble you're doing a great job Mr. BRM.
Re: Robbing shysters - Dan J
I've been done by the same place as well when I was 17, on my first car and knew no better. They take advantage (I am meaning in particular the place that was mentioned here earlier, not that any was...) of anyone and many people when told that something absolutely has to be replaced just go ahead with it anyway. Particularly as said place seem to like taking your car to bits as well and so "might as well do it whilst it's off".

A little bird told me there are unofficial bonuses for getting stuff onto cars via a bonus scheme which involves "problems identified" with the car (ie correctly or otherwise).

I'd happily go there for tyres if they are the cheapest at the time but the last time they tried inspecting my brakes they got told to leave well alone!

For anything other than the absolute basics (ie tyres, exhaust) it is not worth going to these places unless you know ECACTLY what you want doing to your car. Ie you tell them specifically to do that and nothing else. For a lot of people though, this is outside their scope and they believe whatever they get told re work/parts required. Always try to get your car checked out by a decent garage/knowledgeable family member/friend if poss...

I understand about not naming places directly but this is an important issue and should be addressed.
Re: Robbing shysters / braking - Lee H
Bringing together two threads, I tried to descend snake pass, the A57 from Sheffield to Glossop using only the brakes - result, very strange burning smell and smoke from the front wheels (since then, it's been a controlled descent using gears).

In a panic, I took it to a non-slow drive in repair centre who quickly diagnosed the need for new pads _and_ discs. After a bit of insistence, they said it was safe to drive back to Newcastle, where I took it to my local citroen dealership, who said both were fine.

Given that dealership normally didn't leave much change from 250/300quid for a normal service on a ZX 1.9D, I'd say you'd have to think the repair center were perhaps taking advantage.

(kept the car for another 35,000 miles, on the same discs and was fine)
Re: Robbing shysters / braking - David W
>>Given that dealership normally didn't leave much change from 250/300quid for a normal service on a ZX 1.9D, I'd say you'd have to think the repair center were perhaps taking advantage.

Lee you should be taking this car to an independent, they are not that hard to service properly. The costs you mention are far too much.

Re: Robbing shysters / braking - Lee H
Thanks David,

It was a company car (small company), and about 6 years ago (makes it even more expensive in retrospect..).

Anyhow, we did finally wise up and found an excellent independent specilist in Newcastle and our bills plummeted. Not sure I'd set foot throught the door of a franchised dealership now unless the service manager was a blood relative!
Re: Robbing shysters / braking - John Kenyon
Lee H wrote:

> Given that dealership normally didn't leave much change from
> 250/300quid for a normal service on a ZX 1.9D, I'd say you'd
> have to think the repair center were perhaps taking advantage.

Scandalous prices, given that my 306 DT has been getting a franchise service every 6000 miles for around £120.

Re: Robbing shysters - Dan

I thought there was some agreement that people were legally able to state 'what happened' with such franchises as a personal account. Mudslinging is another matter but I thought it had also been determined that the poster was legally responsible for the post contents not yourself or etc..

Re: Robbing shysters - Dwight Van-Driver
Back Room Martyn

If someone gets fleeced by a particular firm and truthfully reports the occurrence and names the firm then how can he be done for libel/slander? Similarly how can the Forum be at fault? By suppressing the truth are we not falling into the hands of the unscrupulous and allowing them to rule.? By naming and shaming a service is given to Joe Public.

Always struck me as odd as our local Trading Standards Authority report having put duff cars through a Garage and found service wanting but never seem to take the culprits to Court or name them. Their latest survey found only 1 in 3 correct. Now that IMHO is either obtaining money by false pretences or blatant theft.

Can you get your lawyers to tell me why I am wrong and why isnt SMMT putting their house in order?
Re: Robbing shysters - David W

I know what you mean but there is a danger here. Anyone can post anything here in a minute. You've seen some rubbish on here covering areas you are experienced in. Same thing goes for me being somewhat involved in the maintenance side of things.

I'm happy to tell a true story but feel better leaving out the name if it is a serious accusation.

If you read the HJ column in the paper now and again you will see him give a reader/writer a blast for trying to use the column in an unfair way to sway a dispute with a garage.

Forget law and rights, manners are all that we need.

Re: Robbing shysters - Bob James
I was reporting a true occurrence. and I am adamant that the work was not required. I negotiated the price down to £230 plus a free Oil and Filter change so I didn't feel so bad in the end, however we as a nation should object to this type of dishonesty. Why doesn't HJ do an investigation, he was spot on in his guide to dishonest scams, why not collect soem evidence - name and shame ?

is it because the Telegraph is worried about losing advertising revenue ?

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