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New number plates - Pete Williams
I may be getting older but I find these new numbers confusing.

DA51 DEL could be easily mistaken for D451 DEL, couldn't it ?? There are many examples like this but can cameras or the general public distinguish these at a distance ? Why isn't there a space between the first 4 characters such as

DA 51 DEL - surely it's obvious ???


Is it true that digital cameras can't read number plates as on Motorbikes where the first few characters are directly above the second set ? Anybody tried this ?
Re: New number plates - Kev
I actually saw one set out like DA 51 DEL, and it looks awful. Reminded me of the French number plates, I think we will get used to it though, I think we expect it to be L NNN LLL, so when we see LL NN LL, we try to rationalise it, and convert it to how we think it should be. I don't struggle understanding them, I think its because im not used to the old system [only 17] so I understand both, or something like that, hur hur

On another note, I saw a car yesterday whos numer plate is '000 666', can anyone explain how that can be, using which letters and convenient balck screws, SSS 66S, with lots of screws?? It had me baffled, it looked really odd.
Thanks if anyone can explain

Re: New number plates - Peter M
I read an interview a couple of weeks ago in the Telegraph Motoring supplement in which a spokesperson as much as admitted that they hadn't 'perfected' the recording of motorbike plates.- Don't know whether to believe it though!
I saw a plate the other day with very 'Arabic' style lettering, only just recognisable.
Re: New number plates - Ian Aspinall
OOO 666 is possible if the Os are letters rather than numbers. There used to be a Jag XJS round our way with a reg something like OO 2824, and it did indeed look odd.
Re: New number plates - John Slaughter
Ian's right. It's OOO not zero, zero, zero. OO was an Essex registration. My dad had an Anglia (c'61 or '62) OO 3577. Plenty of MOO's and BOO's about so I'm sure OOO was used.


Re: New number plates - Richard Hall
I have just read an article in a Land Rover magazine which listed the modifications you need to make to an ex Army trailer so it can legally be used on road. Among those listed is moving the number plate to a central position - presumably so it can be read by the new digital speed cameras. Where does this leave the Alfa 156, legally speaking?
Re: New number plates - Dan
In Coggleshall (N. Essex where you can currently go fly fishing without having to leave your couch) there is a new style beetle with the numberplate "B33TLE".
The 3's have been made to look exactly like mirrored E's.
As far as new plate regs go.. shurely shome mishtake.
Re: New number plates - Dan J
If you read through, it looks as though all the digital plate readers face oncoming traffic (ie work the opposite way from a Gatso). Therefore in the current situation, you can drive through the M6 B'Ham roadworks on a motorbike at 140mph and have a good wave at the digital cameras above the gantries which will be none the wiser as to who you are.

Then keep your fingers crossed no CCTV camera caught the back of your bike whilst doing it... :o)
Re: New number plates - Alwyn
My cousin has a chum (yeah yeah) who allegedly puts gear oil and soil on his motorbike number plate to avoid Gato pictures.

So far he has been stopped 4 times.

1) Policeman told him to clean it.
2) Policeman told him to clean it
3) Policeman cleaned it
4) Fixed penalty issued.

No points on his licence though.

Is this why I see so many empty bike racks hiding the rear number plate of late?
Re: New number plates - Dan J
Number 3 is very impressive - Let's hope he doesn't keep running into the same policeman or else I see a truncheoning on the horizon
Re: New number plates - Brian
The "OO" series is an Essex issue. My father's 105E Anglia was OO 5434.
You more often see them with a letter in front of the OO, e.g. A123 SOO, as the simple OO was the first use of that combination and had A, B, C etc prefixed to it as the series was gone through.
A car I use to see regularly a year or so ago had the ending "COO" and underneath a pigeon fanciers' club name.
Re: New number plates - Dan J
I remember the PR photos for the Mk I Fiesta were of a car with the registration LOO - not the best choice of registration for a "show" car one would think...

I was always convinced that the DVLA would not permit "rude" registrations. I have, however, seen PEN 15 which of course the owner had bunched the letters up together on, also a few CxxxOCK's seem to slip through the net (loads on reg's other than C, only seen one C though).

Best one I saw was DRG45M - If you can't make it out from that, try writing it down in a registration type font! :o)
Re: New number plates - Cockle
My Reg is LOO, very quickly got the nickname of LULU in the family. Mind you, SWMBO reckons that I spend too much time in the LOO.
Most inappropriate plate I've seem was Jimmy Tarbuck, his was/is COM 1 C. :-)

By the way does anyone know what has happened about 'Q' plates, the DVLA website says I,Q & Z won't be used on new plates but then, in another section, refers to 'Q' plates for kit cars etc.
Re: New number plates - Andrew Hamilton
Like the idea of covering number plate area with greasy dirt. After all with the terrible weather it is difficult to keep vehicles as clean as you would like. Guess black chain lubricant would be a good paint protection and it comes in a handy spray can!

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