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Renault 1.6 16v lumpy idle - IC
Does anyone else have a renault with the (otherwise great) newish 1.6 16valve petrol thats lumpy at idle. It doesnt sound like its misfiring but the thing can be felt shaking through the whole car, and you can visibly see it move on its mountings with the bonnet open! It goes like stink and is great on fuel, has only done 11000miles and is otherwise fine. Just wish it would idle smoothly. Anyone else experienced this?
Re: Renault 1.6 16v lumpy idle - Dan J
Doesn't sound like something which should occur at 11000 miles - Is the car still under warranty? Am sure one of the Tune-Up guys will answer this soon with a proper answer...
Renault 1.6 16v lumpy idle - David Lacey
It's a Renault!
Re: Renault 1.6 16v lumpy idle - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
I have not had experience of these engines, still a little too recent to have filtered through to us Tune-Up guys in any significant numbers. We tend to see stuff that is 18months plus and out of warranty. I wonder if considering your comments on performance and economy that this engine is what we would term "cammy", in other words, to get the performance and economy the idle quality has to suffer as a result of the camshaft characteristics. Peug 205 GTi is a classic example...
Re: Renault 1.6 16v lumpy idle - colin
David - I've heard stories about the shortcomings of virtually every make on the road including, dare I say, Rollers. So is your clear antipathy to Renault based on your own unfortunate experiences or on hearsay?

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