Help! Gottaprob! - colin
In accordance with HJs recommendations I am tarting up my Civic for sale.
It had a couple of carpark scratches in the Frost White (NH538) paintwork. Went to see Mr Halford for a spraycan.
"Not in stock, but we can make it up for you whilst you wait ... Ah! there's one component colour missing but there's so little of it used that it won't make any difference".
Being a trusting fool I believed that, and sprayed a small area, only to find that it DID, and area now looks far worse than it did before. It transpires that the reason the ingredient wasn't in stock was that it's lead based. Shop is now trying to get colour made up elsewhere but so far without success.
In this colour Honda dealers only sell those tiny touchup 'mascara brushes'. Short of having a proper spray job done (£££) how, please, can I get myself out of this hole I've dug for myself? Any sources?
Re: Help! Gottaprob! - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Try Paint Technic. Part of Autosmart I believe. Franchised operation going round used car sales touching in paintwork and minor scrapes on panels and bumpers. Local one to me actually reprayed the side of an MGB where it had been "keyed" and made a brilliant job.

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