Which Battery. Bosch or Lucas? - Roberson
Hello all,

In the near future, I think I?m going to replace the battery on my 1993 Polo, as the one I?ve got is getting on a bit, and can\'t hold a strong charge for more than 24 hours. So, the question is, which is the best battery to fit. Costco have great deals on Bosch batteries; with mine costing about £25 to £28, but Motorworld have Lucas batteries starting at £19.99 for a \"standard\" battery.

I was swaying towards the Bosch, as the Lucas doesn\'y seem to have the quality or features, but what do you think?

Any thaughts welcome

Bosch or Lucas? - Sooty Tailpipes
I'd go for BOSCH (they're actually rebadged Vartas)
Lucas in general is a brand with a Leyland-type image for poor quality.
I was supplied a Lucas battery a few years ago, by the AA when mine failed. It was rubbish, never as good as the one it had before.
Bosch or Lucas? - Civic8
You get what you pay for.no complaints with BOSCH.Opinions do vary though?
Bosch or Lucas? - Victorbox
The Lucas batteries I've bought have never made it much over the guarantee period, so go for Bosch rather than Lucas. I've never has under 15 years use out of AC Delco batteries. Buy from a motor factor selling AC Delco or badged as Vauxhall from a Vauxhall dealer.
Bosch or Lucas? - kithmo
One of the motoring magazines recently did a battery survey and Delphi batteries came out top, way above the top brand names.
Bosch or Lucas? - Sooty Tailpipes
Interesting, as Delphi, Delco Remy and Vauxhall are owned by GM (Vauxhall now sell GO-> batteries) Is it safe to say, all three are the same?
Bosch or Lucas? - Victorbox
Interesting article on why AC Delco batteries are so good here www.idavette.net/hib/batts.htm

Details on GO batteries here www.carpages.co.uk/vauxhall/vauxhall_trade_club_la...p

They look nothing like the AC Delco battery I bought only 5 weeks ago from a Vauxhall dealer, but I can't imagine GM would use anything other than one of its own companies to produce all its batteries.
Bosch or Lucas? - Roberson
Thanks for all the replies so far.

I had a feeling that Lucas batteries had a bit of a reliability problem when my dad said "Lucas, prince of darkness"!

It appears so far, that BOSCH batteries are the best bet out of the two I came up with, but keep your ideas coming on the other makes available too.

Bosch or Lucas? - Dizzy {P}
Sooty, didn't GM sell off Delphi four or five years ago?

I don't think there's much difference between any of the big makes. The 8-year-old Lucas battery on my Triumph 2500 has to start the car each spring after it has stood over the winter and it still does so. The original Varta on the BMW I sold last year lasted 10 years. Likewise the Delco that I had on my 1981 Vauxhall Royale Coupe.

I've also heard good reports about several little-known makes of battery, like the £20 or £30 ones that my local motor discount store sells. I've put those on my son's and daughter's cars and they seem fine.

So long as a car battery is kept well charged I think they will normally last a long time. What they won't tolerate (with the odd exception) is deep discharging.
Bosch or Lucas? - Mapmaker
You could be brave and get one from a scrap yard. Also, with an old car, buy as big a battery as you can fit in the space.
Bosch or Lucas? - Roberson

I would have to brave to think about getting one from a scrap yard. Certainly it would be cheap, but probably no more reliable than the one currently fitted, certifying it a waste of time and money. Wouldn't putting too big a battery in the car be a rather large risk on safety grounds?

Interesting though, me and my mate have often had discussions (arguements) about parts quality/price/manufacturer/source. I.E. for or against OEM and non genuine, new or used. I might start a thread in the future about this.


Bosch or Lucas? - Sooty Tailpipes
Dizzy, you are correct!

"Q: How long has Delphi been in business?

A:Delphi has its roots in several operations that General Motors acquired at the turn of the century. These operations were consolidated into a single operating unit in 1991. Delphi was incorporated in 1998 and became independent from General Motors on May 28, 1999. "
Bosch or Lucas? - snowy
No 1 son just wrote of the wifes 769cc K reg Panda which had the same battery in as the day I bought the car. Tiny little thing but started the car first time every day despite it only being used for short journeys.
Which Battery. Bosch or Lucas? - hugh
I run 4 cars/vans, 6 tractors and various diggers/forklifts/combines etc and after 20 odd years of buying batteries I still don't know whether to buy quality or the cheapest available - I have bought Varta which have lasted for ages or have barely made it through the warranty period. I have had motor factor cheapies which are still going after 8 or 10 years (or which have died after months).
Ask yourself 'Do I feel lucky?' and take the plunge - experience tells me that it is just a matter of luck
PS I always get the correct spec. - an under-spec battery will fail
Which Battery. Bosch or Lucas? - Civic8
To be bold and be told I`m wrong to be honest on the date of your car as long as its the right spec give it a go.if it lasts warranty period you havent lost anything.ie that is saying any firm supplying the battery.at least give a years warranty.if you need/want to spend more then you do have the choice.ie bearing in mind warranty only covers the bat.faults to do with alternator and shorts are not covered.so in your case maybe go for cheapest and best.it still comes down to you get what U pays for?
Which Battery. Bosch or Lucas? - Onetap
My experience is that any batteries can be knackered when new if they've been sitting on a rack in a shop for months, or years, without being charged. I buy mine from Halfords, my theory being that they've probably got a regular turnover of the stock and a battery is unlikely to have been standing on the display for a long time. No disappointments, yet.

Two other batteries, bought from a parts shop and a dealers, both expired before the warranty, the latter case within a month.

I once enquired about an unusual size of battery at a tyre & battery specialists. They offered me one at half-price, with no guarantee. They'd had it in stock for 3 years. I declined their offer.

I used to purchase contract maintenance for generator sets. The lorry-type batteries were replaced annually and the old ones were scoped up by colleagues who owned caravans. The maintenance technician said they bought the batteries in bulk "for pennies" and they wouldn't risk a break-down call-out for the cost of a battery. I think there's probably big mark-ups on batteries.
Which Battery. Bosch or Lucas? - jc
Buy the cheapest battery with the longest warranty you can find assuming you go to a reputable shop.I did once buy a battery from a scrap yard off a totalled car but it was a nearly new Exide.Still OK 5 years later.
Which Battery. Bosch or Lucas? - buzbee
Some years back a friend of mine made a living buying batteries in bulk (of no well known name) and selling them to garages, a few to each. He sold 7 and nine plate ones (plates to a cell). The garages bought the cheaper 7 plate ones off him for fitting into cars that were being re-sold.

In starting a car the 7 plate ones suffered more stress in delivering the starting current than did the 9 plate ones and they did not last as long.

Do the cheaper ones still have less plates than the more expensive ones?
Which Battery. Bosch or Lucas? - stacyjohnna

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