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audi 80 - diy oil changing - nand
hope somebody can help
I have a 1993 audi 80 which has done over 170K. I have found the minor servicing has now begun to get expensive especially when they probably only change the oil. I am wondering if changing the engine oil is a DIY job and relatively simple. I have changed spaerk plugs and headlamps bulbs in the past, so I am hoping to be able to do this.also my car seems to have a protective cover(dust cover) underneath the engine compartment whch I am unclear as to how to remove.I understand that this cover(which cover the entire engine compartment underneath) will have to removed to change the engine oil.
any thoughts will be well appreciated.
many thanks

audi 80 - diy oil changing - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Ah the dreaded undertray!!! It isnt difficult to remove but you will need to jack up the car each side and support on axle stands. The tray extends into the front of the wheelarches. The fixings are a sort of Dzus fastener- 1/4-1/2 turn to unlock.19mm ring spanner on the sump nut (use a new washer every time) and a strap or chain wrench to loosen filter. Tip here is to use a pair of rubber gloves with the cuffs turned back to stop the oil running down your arms and put a plastic bag (bread bag ideal) over the filter and the housing to catch the oil as you unscrew it. Put a few sheets of newspaper under where you are working and you shouldnt get into a mess. Dont be tempted to buy one of these drainer cans the oil just splashes off them all over the place, use a washing up bowl from the £1 shop then a funnel to pour the old oil into the now-empty oil can and take it to the amenity tip for disposal.

Simplicate and add lightness!!
audi 80 - diy oil changing - madf
I actually use a rectangular cat litter tray: slightly lower walls but greater capacity than a washing up bowl..(our last cat died some 10 years ago:-(


audi 80 - diy oil changing - Dalglish

diy? why not try the ntional/quick/fast/rapid/fit type places instead.

search this forum for previous advice on this.
audi 80 - diy oil changing - Altea Ego
cat died of oil contamination?

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