dark horse cars - A2B
I'd like to find out about cars that are generaly unknown but are in fact exellent and under rated.

I'll kick it off by telling you about my recent purcahse of Mitsubishi Galant

S Reg 2,5 v6 ,climate control all leather and so forth. This is gem of a find for me. It wasn't expensive at £3500 (75,000 miles) and I think under valued. Some nice touches are both driver and pass seats are fully electric and it has a very decent climate control system as well as great music system.. all standard. It's quick and holds the road well and fairy economic for a v6 32 MPG average. Mine is a 4 door but the estate version looks great as well.

Any thoughts on this or other under valued cars you know of?
dark horse cars - Adam {P}
I completely agree. Got to take a ride in one (not driving though) and the ride was very comfortable. Quite a nice looking car as well but because they're relatively rare, no-one thinks of them.

Must say though - not a great fan of the estate.
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dark horse cars - terryb
Strangely enough I followed one of these (R reg) in to work this morning. I only noticed it because the roof lining was obviously falling off - it was about one-third of the way down the back window.

Not good for an R reg car I thought - I hope it's not a common fault.

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dark horse cars - Kuang
The Nissan Pulsar/Sunny GTi-R is a real dark horse - people see them and assume that the silly looking air intake is a monkeyboy addon, but they actually left the factory looking like that :)
dark horse cars - T Lucas
Galant/Legnum VR4 Twin Turbo,4wd,looks almost the same,but v fast.
dark horse cars - Aprilia
Galant is a very well designed and built car - outstanding value secondhand. The same could be said of many of the less well known larger Japanese cars - Toyota Camry is a great value s/hand buy.
dark horse cars - Adam {P}
I was driving behind a new one of these which surprised me because I only remember the older ones. The new one looked pretty nice but why they insist on having one reversing light and one fog light. (I know it's to save on light space presumably so I've answered my own question) but my Fiesta is the same as is the Focus hatch. I'd rather, if I was spending so much money on a new car, that it had proper lights.
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dark horse cars - corblimeyguvnar
Toyota Picnic
Stupid name but fast, comfortable very reliable
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dark horse cars - P 2501
The galant is one of second hand car markets best kept secrets.
3.5K is a bargain for that model.
dark horse cars - sorrera
If only the back of the Galant was styled as well as the front it would be on my purchase list.Unfortunately the back is very very bland - ugly almost.
Great car, great bargain, well done. VR4 definite dark horse car, esp in estate mode.
dark horse cars - daveyK_UK
My babay is a decent example.

hyundai accent Y plate 1.3i - 70,000 miles.

Emaculate throughout, a beautiful metallic lighr bule paint and looks like a lexus from the front.
Big car which is proving very reliable.
Only snag, its bottom of the rang so very few toys. Made up for by a good ride and easy handling.
To pay less than 2 thousand for any 3 year old car, one cant complain.
dark horse cars - machika
A Hyundai Accent is a big car?
dark horse cars - Vansboy
Not many around now, but the last of the ROVER Montego Countryman estates.K L M reg turbo diesels, 55mpg,good trim levels, smooth ride, comfortable & 7 seats in some.

An excelent engine, ahead of it's time & the catr had reasonable build quality, too. Pity low grade steel was used, or there would be more around now!

Maestro comes close second of course!! ESPECIALLY the van, mines a 93, covered 315,000 miles. 140,000 of that, with a 100,000 mile engine from an H plate Montego!! Got me a turbo & power steering, that way!!

dark horse cars - Ivor E Tower
I recogn the Fiat Stilo Multiwagon will make a reasonably good buy in a couple of years time, especially the JTD versions.
dark horse cars - Andrew-T
There's some serious finger trouble around tonight. DaveyK, do you mean Immaculate or Emasculate?
dark horse cars - Dont Feed The Donkeys
A bit long in the tooth now but how about Vauxhall Senator,
Looks like an old mans car, goes like something smelly off a shovel...
dark horse cars - VTiredeyes
2.0t saab convetible. bright red new shape auto with tip or sensie wotever u may call it
does 44mpg on mway at 70-80 mph
and just blew off a brand new a8 4.2 quattro.
nice. had it 4 days and im still smiling.

dark horse cars - daveyK_UK

Big car compared to other vehicles available for price/age/condiiton.

I would agree with senator, better cars than omega.
dark horse cars - Halmer
A Mitsibushi Colt in metallic black. Now that is a dark horse.
dark horse cars - Pugugly {P}
"A Mitsibushi Colt in metallic black. Now that is a dark horse"

Ha Ha.... especially the old 1.6GLX
dark horse cars - NitroBurner
Citroen BX GTI 16v. Real WISC car!

David Vivian ran 1 4 a while & rated it.

Must B good...
dark horse cars - Roberson

I always thought that Citroen ZXs were hugely underrated cars. They seem to sell for peanuts these days. Diesels were smooth and refined and general longevity seems good across the range. Our ZX 1.9 D was a nice comfortable car and it held the road very well. Early ones may look at little tatty if uncared for but generally better that a humble escort.



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