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Just Tyres gone into receivership - Andrew Hamilton
Read in the Daily Telegraph on Monday 15th that Ernst & Young accountants have taken control. There were 90 retail outlets and 300 staff. 40 stores to be closed immediately. Expectations to sell business as a going concern.
Winter tyres - David Millar
Despite grumbles from myself and others who wouldn't go back to them, they always seemed to have customers whenever I passed a branch. Maybe there are too many chains around and punters are getting choosier as company car numbers fall. National company branch I went to six weeks ago had nobody else in the three bays during the 45-50 minutes I was there on a Thursday afternoon.

For a contrast with the big chains, yesterday I went looking for winter tyres at a rather upmarket--lots of alloys in the carpeted showroom--place. They didn't really want to sell me them on the basis that there was no point for the Midlands. True to a point, but I do spend a bit of time in muddy fields and this winter a couple of weeks in the Pyrenees. Eventually they agreed to look up what I wanted on the computer and surprisingly quoted a reasonable (?) £52 each for Toyo S 940s. Anyone know them? They came tops in a Swiss comparison with the 'name' brands, outranking even Michelins.
Re: Winter tyres - Stuart
Trouble with all these places is they are selling the same commodity with the same (lack of) service). So when I want tyres I just ring around quoting one price to the other until we hit rock bottom. Most people do the same so margins must be wafer thin. As such you need both huge volume and strict cost control. Not a position I would like to be in.
Re: Just Tyres gone into receivership - Lee H
Reading the other threads, it sounds like some people have ran into bother with Just Tyres; I've had nothing but good service from them, having replaced 6 tyres with the in the past couple of months (>1 car!)

The branch in Huddersfield is very helpful, and when I took SWMBO's Clio in on Monday with a nail in the tyre, they repaired the puncture rather than replacing the whole tyre.

Having dealt with the other big chains, I'm not sure they would have done the same thing. (it was <6mm, centre tread).

I got a pair of Goodyear tyres for the Clio for about 70 quid on the car, no big chain quoted me less than 110 before adding all the extras.

I'm sorry to see them go, less choice=higher prices, but perhaps lower prices=no business.
Re: Just Tyres gone into receivership - Bill Doodson

When I worked in Halifax, I used to use a place called Halifax Tyre and Exhaust who supplied Toyo tyres to almost all of the people who worked with me. No one ever complained about them and many were on 4 wheel drives etc. I cant speak for the tyres you quote but past experince with Toyo are ok.

This place is now Kwick Fit, the independent guy who had it was really good on customer service and always gave a good deal on branded products. I guess that KF paid for a happy retirement, I hope so anyway.


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