Espace 'smoking' problem! - Rjza
Don't know if anyone else has had similar experience, but would be grateful to know. I have an 02 reg Grande Espace 2.2DCi, in the mornings when I go to work and stop about 5 miles away (to get fuel), smoke purs out under the engine. I have had this checked out by AA and also by Renault but no-one can find a fault. Renault said it could be something to do with the air con (even though didn't have it on) and that water drops down onto the pipes and causes steam. After a couple of minutes it does stop but it's pretty disconcerting when you are filling up with fuel and there's smoke pouring out of your car!

Has anyone else experienced this?

Espace 'smoking' problem! - Robert J.
Perhaps someone has dropped some oil over the exhaust manifold when it last had an oil change.
Espace 'smoking' problem! - Rjza
If only it was that simple! It only seems to happen over the Winter months, the first time it happened was last Feb, obviously don't know how often it occurs as don't always stop after stop distances! The smoke is not blue it is clear and has a slight acrid smell to it like plastic burning
Espace 'smoking' problem! - Dynamic Dave
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Espace 'smoking' problem! - PR {P}
Its not power steering fluid is it? My last Alfa sometimes did a similar thing. As the engine warmed, the power steering fluid in the resevoir expands, and overflows slightly. Now the "drain" coming from this appeared to be over the exhaust. It only did it once per journey and then not every journey try checking if the powersteering fluid is overfull
Espace 'smoking' problem! - Dynamic Dave
This thread will get moved to Technical Matters later today.

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Espace 'smoking' problem! - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up)
Not a plastic bag melted onto the cat or manifold? Had this a few times and it takes ages to disappear! You are only going to see this from underneath.

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Espace 'smoking' problem! - legal man
I think that you will find that the smoke oozing from under your Espace Dci is produced by the auxillary diesel heater. This heater is completely separate from the engine and helps to heat the car in cool conditions as Dci engines are efficient and produce relatively little surplus heat. Smoke is quite normal from these heaters and its exhaust can be seen exiting from a pipe at the rear of the engine under tray. Hope this is of help.

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