Mondeo stuck in Germany - Richard Hall
I have a slight problem at work. One of our fleet Mondeos is stuck in Germany. It was involved in an accident, and while it was in a local body shop being repaired, the tax and MOT ran out. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can either get it back home (legally), or get a good price for it where it stands now? The best we've been offered is two grand, which isn't really enough for a tidy R reg turbodiesel.
Re: Mondeo stuck in Germany - Dwight Van-Driver

There are no M O T Stations in Germany so book your car in at an English MOT Station. You will then be covered to drive it to the Station without Excise or MOT. You can then take up the Excise Duty due but you will already have the docs so can do it now.

Horrible thought ---- what about SORD?
Re: Mondeo stuck in Germany - andy bairsto
you cannot drive in germany without insurance or mot or road tax even if it is a uk could take the risk but if you had another accident prison would beckon.Where is it in germany ?.the best way and safest way is to hire a trailer and tow it back.
Re: Mondeo stuck in Germany - Bill Doodson
Its a Mondeo, disclaim all resposibility for it and leave it in Germany. Then to make ammends to the Germans buy a new Passat for your driver who will love you for the rest of his/her natural life.


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