Tyres for Impreza Turbo - Idlehound
I am going to have to replace my Impreza's tyres soon. Could anyone recommend a good all-round tyre? The things that I have to consider are;
Road noise

At the moment I am using Bridgestone Potenza S03s.

Thanks for your help.

Tyres for Impreza Turbo - Singer-G
Have a look at www.tyretest.com for loads of user reports on lots of different tyres, on lots of different cars. Its a German site, but many of the comments are in English.
Tyres for Impreza Turbo - Wilco {P}
Bot trying to get rid of you :0) but have you looked at the Scoobynet forum - dedicated topic for wheels/tyres etc.


Tyres for Impreza Turbo - Ian D
As a Scoobynet regular and a Impreza turbo driver I will save you all the trawling around and tell you the best all rounders are the Goodyear Eagle F1 GSD3 tyres. Universally recommended I bought some 3 months ago and they are excellent. After a ring around I bought a set of four from a local independent for my 1998 car (205/50 Z15s I think they are) for £84 each all in, excellent value..
Tyres for Impreza Turbo - Sooty Tailpipes
Have to agree about the F1 GS-D3s, they're the best high performance tyre, I've ever tried and all reviews etc.. seem to back that up.
Tyres for Impreza Turbo - Cyd
True, my Rover 820 Vitese Sport is not quite in the same league as an Impreza Turbo, though it is very quick. About 20K ago I fitted a set of four F1s in 215/45ZR17. I could rave on for hours about how good they are, transformed the car etc etc. Bottom line: go buy some, you will not be disappointed.
Tyres for Impreza Turbo - Sooty Tailpipes
They do wear out quite quickly though, and aren't the best on worn roads (of which there seem to be more and more of these days Mr Bliar!) BUT THEY ARE a very high perfomance tyre (orignally for the McLaren F1) - not a Comfort of Grand Touring tyre.

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