Warranty - Brian M
Which manufacturers let warranties transfer with the vehicle? If I purchased a 2 year old Mitsubishi at auction would the 3 year warranty still be valid?
Re: Warranty - Dan J
Sorry I don't have time for a better response but:


Enter the site, click Sitemap and then to the right of the screen, 363 Warranty. Has all the info you require...
Re: Warranty - Andy P
The manufacturer's warranty is for the car, not the owner. If you sell a car one year into a three year warranty, then the new owner still has two years warranty (assuming the car has been serviced in accordance with the small print in the warranty)

Re: Warranty - me
check its a uk car, warranty is usually supplied by the importer, so grey imports may have challanges
Warranty - David Lacey
Andy's spot-on - just make sure the service record is up to date. That is the first thing we HAVE to look for.


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