Corrosion: Respray Vs OEM - Dan
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Profession respray vs Original Manufacturers Paintjob....
Does corrosion resistance suffer?

Re: Corrosion: Respray Vs OEM - David W
Right Dan....simple and highly personal set of thoughts here.

Rust comes from poor design, water traps, defective seam sealing, accident damage, stone chips.

If you take a fault free flat panel almost any paint will protect and stop rust over the life of a car. So the respray will be as good as the makers finish, perhaps better if it increases thickness of paint.

If you are spraying over treated rust or cut in repair panels it will rust in time, sometimes within months.

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What car is it your'e thinking of having re-sprayed Dan. is it a classic and why does it need one.
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It is not a classic but its red and in pretty good nick barring stone chips and that general malaise that affects old red paintwork. A good paint job will extend its life and value. (Could spend it on a 'better' car, but then l would be shooting myself in the foot with a gun named Insurance.)
Re: Corrosion: Respray Vs OEM - David W

Have you had any quotes for spraying?

You're being coy about what you want to spray but I suspect the cost of a worthwhile re-spray would be the same as buying another car the same as yours with better paint.

In the 70s and 80s all back street car lots had a tame spray chap because cars rusted so quickly they needed a spray to retail. Now as the cars rust less and last well a line of freshly painted cars is less common.

A bottom half was common in the 70s. The good lady bought an 8yr old Triumph 2000 in white then from a dealer who did this quick type job. It lasted two weeks , this wet time of year, before the wheel arches bubbled with rust. The dealer cursed the paint man and did the job again FOC. This next time they just knocked the rusty metal back further and added pounds of filler. Lasted six months so a minor success I suppose.

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Its a 480 turbo 1992.
I was looking at a change of colour to a deep metallic purple. It hasn't got a rust problem because under that boxy wedge its really a boxy volvo.
Worth more than a decent respray but not by loads. I only just learnt to drive (l am 25 however) so the no claims is non-existent and l can't really get a more expensive car. l am not particularly interested in a £750 P.O.S. car regardless how good the paintwork is.
P.S. I might just go to Cecil and Larter in Bury St Edmunds where the car originally came from.
Corrosion: Respray Vs OEM - David Lacey
It all comes down to quality control within the bodyshop. Paint, properly applied, either OEM or aftermarket, should provide equal corrosion resistance.

Believe me, I have seen some pretty awful paint jobs from respectable Dealer bodyshops.

Search out a paintshop with a good reputation (I know it's going to be difficult in todays insurance repair market) but this is the best way to a good job.

That's all.


Muppets with a spray can - markymarkn
I have a similar problem in that i'm starting to get the odd rusty spot (as mentioned earlier in another thread), and was toying with the idea of a full/part respray, but dont want to end up paying loads of money for some muppet to bodge it all up only for the rust to reappear in 6 months.

Does anybody have any idea as to how much this costs? (Its a WHITE (rust? thats a surprise) mk2 astra). How much would it cost for the whole car and how much for the odd spot or two?

I am a little overprotective of my car, and to many they probably wouldnt even consider it a rust problem at all, but i'd like to keep it in mint condition if i can.

I dont have loads of money (i'm a student), but whatever the car needs is whatever the car gets, but i want to be realistic.

Cheers Lads (and Lasses).
Spray cost. - David W
I use a brilliant small chap for paintwork who will do a quality job for sensible money. You're not paying for the waiting lounge, loan car and insurance uplift.

He would want about £1000 to spray a car, £1200 if metallic.

Never worth it for an older car is it. Look around the breakers and there are plenty of cars in the yards that only need the odd scuff doing. If you look at many ten year old cars about in the small ads for £750 they still have excellent paint.

Better to spend the cash on one of these than spraying the old one.


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