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I have acquired a couple of good condition Continental tyres from the scrappy. They have 7mm of tread left and are 185/55 VR 15" size. One of them has a puncture repair patch in the middle of the tread (not the sidewall). The patch is round and approx 1.5 inches diameter. Is it ok to use this tyre or should I return them for replacement / refund?
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yes it should be ok with the repair on the tread .always wary of other damage on scrap heap tyres,bulges caused by forklift abuse is one which springs to mind .tyres to a scrappy are a liability and therefore should the price should reflect this .it might be more cost effective to take them on wheels as damage can be seen and can save the cost of fitting and balancing
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Yes,you reach a point where it's almost as cheap and certainly safer to buy budget new.After all it's your and other peoples' lives your'e putting at risk! Are they only worth £20?
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You pays your money and take your choice........

If these tyres have come from an accident damaged car - as I think they have - who knows what they've been through.

Still.....for £20 it's pretty tempting!!
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