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I cannot see my corners - Mapmaker
I remember Lady Thatcher once saying that she likes Jaguars as they're the only car where you can see the end of your bonnet.

I'd add the MB W123 to that list. But my 'new' audi 100/(A6 shape) I've no idea whatsoever where the corners might be. Anybody else have similar problems with their cars?
I cannot see my corners - Chicken Madras
I drive a Lexus and can't see the corners on that either! I gave up trying to parallel park years ago for fear of kerbing the alloys or hitting a corner on another car.

These days I'll end up walking from an easy-to-park-in space than risk damaging the car. I try to persuade friends and colleagues that I need the exercise but deep down, I know they know I can't park for toffee!!
I cannot see my corners - Dipstick
Do you not have either the tv camera in the rear bumper or the wing mirrors that auto tilt downwards when in reverse on your Lex then?

I have neither in mine, but do have a rear parking sensor thingy which is wondrous.

I can't parallel park either mind you. I've been known to get somewhere near then say to a mate, "blow this, you do it" and swap drivers in the street.
I cannot see my corners - davemar
Modern cars are harder for seeing the corners, particularly out of the back with the trend ('safety' related I imagine) for high posteriors. In my Megane (old shape) I can judge the back of the car easily enough, but the high window makes judging the front the bonnet of the car behind far more difficult, so reversing is a little more tricky. I think older cars had better visibility all round, which probably makes them easier to avoid accidents, rather than the modern trend to make an accident easier to survive, but not nessecarily avoid in the first place.
I cannot see my corners - GrumpyOldGit
This brings back memories of those 'lollipop' things that you used to get. It was a set of 4 metal rods, each with a red plastic ball on the top, that you fitted vertically to the bumpers so you could tell where the invisible corners were. They would look even more hideous on a modern car than they did on the old ones!

Maybe there's a market there for an updated version. Got it! Put a blue LED in the red plastic ball!! They'd sell like hot cakes. :-)
I cannot see my corners - Nsar
The S Class of about 10 years ago had little metal rods that popped up out of the corners of the boot when you put it into reverse, a bit naff IMO.
I think that Lexus soft roader has some insane system where a rear facing camera transmits to a dash TV and if you move the wheel a little red square on the display moves too showing you where you'll end up if you press the gas, just how lazy do you have to be to think that's a good idea?
I cannot see my corners - Altea Ego
I have never yet (in 10 months) managed to get the laguna backed in without chickening out and leaving a gap of at least four feet behind it.

I will get there one day.
I cannot see my corners - Cliff Pope
So how do people in these un-parkable cars manage to pass the driving test?
I cannot see my corners - Altea Ego
In a very easy to park, square, 1973 Mk1 Escort 1300xl
I cannot see my corners - Kuang
Wow.. evidence that Thatcher actually could see past the end of her nose, even if she generally chose not to ;)

In terms of everyday cars though, the Golf Mk2 had great front corner visibility, and you know the back ends about 10" behind the bottom of the window :) The Cortina family were good too.
I cannot see my corners - malteser
If I had any corners I certainly couldn't see them!
I cannot see my corners - No Do$h
I'm with Roger on this one. As the years have passed, so my aerodynamic properties have developed, smoothing all the sharp edges.

I cannot see my corners - patently
It's easy, mapmaker. The corners have reached the obstruction when that loud grinding noise starts. Works every time.
I cannot see my corners - 3500S
Simple, get a Rover P6, not only can you see the corners perfectly. They even thought to put little tabs at the top of the sidelight lenses to give you a perfect indication of the corners at the front.

I really don't like the fact that I cannot see the corners of my 75, I think it's all a conspiracy to get you to take the parking sensor option at £295!
I cannot see my corners - Mapmaker
Thanks, patently. I was hoping for an easier suggestion. I know, Mark II Polo. Square as a brick, never any problems seeing the sides. (Oh, and ND, if you still want it, it no longer has reverse gear. Also prodigious oil consumption as a result of blocked oil breather and possible piston trouble. Nice car though; excellent condition for year; one careful lady owner (and 14 other careless men).)
I cannot see my corners - frostbite
one careful lady owner (and 14 other careless men).)


I always assume "careful owner" means careful not to spend any money on it.
I cannot see my corners - No Do$h
My 156 has parking sensors. Some call them bumpers.....

My driveway will take 3 cars, or just about take the Laguna and 156 if we want to close the gate (we do, we're fed up with people ignoring the "no through road" sign and turning in our driveway). It's so tight that unless I'm within 4 " of the Laguna I can't close the gate. Every night, without fail, I gently touch my bumper against the towbar on Mrs ND's pride and joy, then back up a fraction. No damage to the bumper after repeating this for over a year.

You can guarantee that next week I'll reverse and hear a ripping noise as my bumper parts company with the rest of the car :o)
I cannot see my corners - henry k
It's easy, mapmaker. The corners have reached the obstruction when
that loud grinding noise starts. Works every time.

Ah the the "tactile method"
I agree, why change from the long established proven method.
Just needs honing to identify the first vibration seen in the rear view mirror.
It is obviously encouraged due to the development of "soft bumpers".

I thought the "grinding noise" was reprofiling my steel rims.
I understand that this is being replaced by a gentler sound of "restyling alloys"
I cannot see my corners - Mapmaker
So if the grinding noise with the alloys on my Panasonic is quieter than the steel grinding noise that I'm used to, I'll never hear it.
I cannot see my corners - Ivor E Tower
(tee hee) I've got a Galaxy with front and rear parking sensors. They are probably the most useful gadget that I've ever had. No problems with judging front or rear corners when parking.
I cannot see my corners - Dipstick
I tend to agree - out of the very many patently ridiculous gadgets my car has, the ones I'd miss the most are the parking sensors. Which in my case I bought as an aftermarket fit for £100 and did myself in an hour (having knocked the rear bumper a week before. Horse, bolt, stable door yadayada I know, but at least it won't happen again).

I cannot see my corners - Imagos
you can't see the corners??

that'll be the Volkswagen Beetle.

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