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Landrovers & David's question.. - Mark (Brazil)
So, young David, Ive been paying attention to the roads this weekend.

Brazil - loads of real landrovers - as far as I can tell mostly petrol. Very few Freelanders (imagine!) and not many Discos.

Most other 4wd are either Blazer or some Pajero thing - although there are a fair amount of some weird make which looks like was was made in Russia. Although there are a fair amount of Cherokees around. Other than that, not many big 4wd of any nationalities. (import tax for a used car here is 105% of its new value, irrespective of current age/value).

Most cars around are beaten up european or GM (vauxhall) saloons.

Chile - Some real landrovers, loads of Discos and absolute tons of Freelanders. Tons of big US 4wd even including the Lincoln Navigator and some guy who was drinking in Prego on Sunday with a Humvee parked outside.

Couldn't make up my mind about how many were Diesel.


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