Omega rear suspension - KeithT2C
W-reg 2.5 Elite automatic. The rear-end has risen, of its own accord, about as far as it can go. Both rear wheel arches are completely visible. I took it to my local dealer today (first noticed it yesterday)and they've never seen it before. I've booked it in for Thursday 8th April.

If there are any clues out there, I'd appreciate them before 8th April.

(Recently had to replace the battery - any connection to electrics i.e. suspension control?)

Omega rear suspension - gasoil
looks kike the self level is playing up! I think all elites have this as standard.
Omega rear suspension - geoff C
Have a close look at the level sensor which I think is fitted to the right-hand side of the rear suspension subframe near the trailing arm pivot and connected to the arm via a ball-jointed link. (There is another level sensor at the left rear subframe, and another at the front, which control the headlamp levelling.)

Perhaps the ball-jointed link or the wiring connected has become disconnected.

You could temporarily disable the system by removing fuse 27.
Omega rear suspension - gasoil
How does this system work? is it air? sounds like it would be good for towing etc.
Omega rear suspension - Sooty Tailpipes
There is a compressor that keeps the rear dampers at a standard height irrespective of load, by regulating air pressure. There are ride height sensors front and rear, small linkages as someone else said, probably popped off. Do you have a Headlamp Beam Fld/Vision message on your display?
Omega rear suspension - KeithT2C
Thanks for the reply - There are no warning messages. I've taken it to the dealer garage and they say it's a pump (400 quid), which I declined! I've got the car back now and it rides "normally".
On checking my extended warranty, suspension problems are covered, so I'll get it replaced in the near future.

Omega rear suspension - Sooty Tailpipes
Golly! If mine packed up (no warranty), I'd just fit standard dampers, and disconnect the automatic ride height.
Omega rear suspension - gingerwinger
if your warranty is with warranty holdings or drive asured then like me you will find that they went bust on march 24th. they say that they will pay up on any work done but all my local garages wont touch me as they have all had rubber chqs from the warranty firms.....

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