Aftermarket Sunroofs - NitroBurner
Anybody know the best place to go to get one fitted & how much?

OK, I've got AC, but really miss a s/roof.

Are aftermarket ones any good?

Cheers for any help...
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Civic8
I didn`t think you could get them anymore.I havent seen any adds for them.I thought they were stopped due to making the roof weaker.and as most now factory fitted and AC cars dont need one.I could be wrong but dont think you can get them now.others may know better?
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Dynamic Dave
I didn`t think you could get them anymore.

Yellow pages still list a few places.
and AC cars dont need one.

My Vectra has both a Factory fit Sunroof and AC. Some days it's nice just to tilt the roof open for a bit of fresh air when AC isn't necessary.
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Imagos
>> and AC cars dont need one.

my mondeo's got both i use the sunroof to let in light and make cabin a bit brighter (they're not just for air you know..)
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Civic8
I think that means there is a difference between factory fitted and was a concern as I remember but then those concerns may have been put right by now?.as I said not certain.
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Ian D
I am not sure what the score is today but back in 1998 my Subaru Impreza was ordered from a Subaru main dealer with a sunroof and a sunroof company in Cheltenham Gloucs (called Motormods I think) fitted one. I know another Subaru Impreza owner who ordered a car new in Yeovil and a company called Bristol Sunroof Centre fitted a Hollandia electric sunroof. This is not a recommendation but worth doing a search for those two companies who may have some more info...
Aftermarket Sunroofs - NitroBurner
My Vectra has both a Factory fit Sunroof and AC.

That'll make it a CDX then I presume...

Cheers, will look in YPs.

All the web sites I found seemed to be for America.
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Dynamic Dave
>> My Vectra has both a Factory fit Sunroof and AC.
That'll make it a CDX then I presume...

Close, next model down, a CD.
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Robbie
My Accord Tourer also has A/C and a sunroof.
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Big Vern
>> My Vectra has both a Factory fit Sunroof and AC.
That'll make it a CDX then I presume...
Cheers, will look in YPs.
All the web sites I found seemed to be for America.

Got both in my GLS
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Algernon

Some more if you search "sunroofs", but this may do for a start
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Algernon
A bit nearer!
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Ian D
Have just found some more info - the sunroof on my 1998 Impreza is called a 'Hollandia TVS' and was fitted by Motormods in Cheltenham. All I can say is it is an electric tilt/slide sunroof and looks as if it was factory fitted... may be worth investigating/doing a google search
Aftermarket Sunroofs - El Hacko
before I bought my 12 month old Audi from main dealer (in Midlands), it was fitted at my request with sliding/tilt sunroof (Webasto)- very pleased with result. Cost £500 - looks good, works well. Car has electronic climate control, but I prefer best of both worlds....cabin feels brighter in winter when sun does shine
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Andrew-T
Ask your local dealer, they should have a tame fitter where they will send your car. Then look up Yellow Pages and go direct to get the job done cheaper. Wife's 205 had a pop-up roof fitted in 1995 for £100 - Peugeot dealer quoted £150.
Aftermarket Sunroofs - memyself-aye
Having a new and original (and extremely hard to find) Webasto full length canvass sunroof fitted to my 1970 MGBGT next week - would have 'air-con' also but the car lets in plenty of air as it is!
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Victorbox
Either this month or last months issue of Practical Classics magazine shows exactly what is involved with fitting a Webasto full length folding roof. The fitter must be very brave!
Aftermarket Sunroofs - memyself-aye
The Webasto when fitted into an MGBGT is very large - 30" by 30" that's why I'm not doing it myself. Don't have any issues with airbags, aircon or air anything really. This sunroof has (for those wot don't know) a canvass cover - no glass, non electric, dated, vulnerable to stanley knives, draughty at speed (MGB, speed-hah!) and utterly must have! The fitting cost actually coompares to a modern tilt and slide job!
Aftermarket Sunroofs - AR-CoolC
Webasto are the people who (after a few take overs) own what was Britax sunroofs, so are very good quality. I'm not entirely sure if they have their own installer network, but is a good place to start.

A few things to bear in mind though.

It's not a good idea to fit an aftermarket sunroof if the car has curtain airbags, they rely on roof strength to deploy correctly (by differing amounts with different cars) so I would check with your dealer that one can be fitted to your particular car.
Although these roofs are very good quality, in my own opinion they don't look anywhere near as good as a factory job which sits flush in the roof.
If they ever get broken, in the future it can be hard to get hold of replacements, as lots of sunroof firms came in and went out of business. We have regulaly had to cut a new bigger hole in a car roof to retro-fit a modern equivelent of and old roof that has long gone.

Aftermarket Sunroofs - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
Think very carefully about it. You may lose a considerable amount of headroom.
A tall friend had to sell his Alfa coupe after a sun roof was fitted.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
Aftermarket Sunroofs - NitroBurner
Cheer all 4 the helpful replies.

Made a few enquiries 2day...

Phoned Renault (it's a new shape Laguna). The guy just said to look in the Y/pages, but didn't say it couldn't be done...

Phoned a sunroof fitters and was quoted about £450 for an elec tilt & slide job....Bit cheap I thought. Probably one of those that slides on the outside of the roof...

Went to another place asking about the feasability of having one that is similar to a factory fitted job. He didn't think it was possible due to roof strenghtening beams being in the way inside. But would be looking at 4 figures anyway!

Lets see, next project...???
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Civic8
I used to fit them.good earners in the 80s I remember there was a problem with them in that as the roof had been cut away for the sunroof the roof was weakened.
rolled cars with these sunroofs fitted collapsed easeir than those without.whether that was the reason a lot of garages refrained from fitting I dont know but if anyone wanted one fitted I would not do it for safety reasons.
Aftermarket Sunroofs - pastyman
There is a company called Meritor that make aftermarket sunroofs, i have one on my little fiesta, its not a bad sunroof either, works very well, most impressed. I have a/c as well, cool and bright in the summer.

Aftermarket Sunroofs - NitroBurner

Went to see the sunroof chap today. The £450 job is an exterior sliding one.

£1150 for one similar to a factory fitted. But he's not sure if it can be done because (as someone mentioned in a reply) it might interfere with the 'curtains'. He'll find out & let me know.

The roof strength is not compromised; if anything it will be stronger...

Anybody know if the ext sliding ones are OK & would I need to inform the ins co if I was to have one fitted?

Cheers again...
Aftermarket Sunroofs - Robbie
I used to have a Calibra, many years ago, and the sunroof was external.
Aftermarket Sunroofs - redafour
About 11 years ago I wanted an E30 3 series BMW.It had to have the factory fitted sunroof too.I enquired about a 318i for sale about 15 miles away on asking about the sunroof I got a cheerful yes it has one! over the phone.Imagine my amazement when instead of the steel factory fitted item it was an aftermarket "pop up"type of roof!!.On asking the seller who had been daft enough to butcher the car in this way he said he thought it was a factory fitted sunroof and it was on the car when he bought it.Needless to say i walked away and found another car with FFSR.The moral of this tale is the fitting of such an item may have a detrimental effect on residiual value as it robs the vehicle of originality also it could make a potential buyer suspicious it was fitted to mask accident damage etc.
Aftermarket Sunroofs - AlexJ

It depends if you are going to keep the car longterm then it will depreciate anyway to the point that its not worth much anyway, obviously best to find one thats already got a factory fitted Sunroof, not that many used cars around these days, and the fashion now is for a pan roof, not a tilt and slide !

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Aftermarket Sunroofs - Smileyman

These people seem to manufacture sunroofs for the motor industry, both factory fit and aftermarket. Note that almost all cars are suitable.

I've had an opening sunroof for almost all of my 30+ years driving life and will want such on my next car, if I cannot get a factory fitted unit I will have to go aftermarket.

My next car will be brand new or nearly new, either way I intend to keep it for 10+ years, if I get an aftermarket product fitted, whilst I would tell the insurance company, I'd also be worried about the impact on the vehicle warranty. For me it's all about letting ventialtion and sunshine in, so a non-opening glass sunroof does not fit my needs.

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