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Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - Shep
Can anyone help ??

I have just bought a used Vectra with a VDO CDR500 CD player.

Foolishly, I neglected to check it worked before handing over the cash and now I find that the message "PANEL" comes up on the display when the unit is switched on and afer a few seconds the unit switches itself off.

I have another vauxhall with the same unit and have established that the removeable front panel on the radio is actually coded to the radio unit itself. All this means that my CDR500 was supplied with the front panel from another unit !!.

Can anyone tell me if this system can be re-coded to recognise this diferent panel ?

Kind regards,

Tags: technical issues electrical faults radio radio codes

Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - Dynamic Dave
Can anyone tell me if this system can be re-coded to
recognise this diferent panel ?

From memory, yes. But you\'ll need the code for the radio that\'s fitted in the dash. And more than likely you\'ll need to pres and hold down the AS button while you turn on the radio, whilst also making sure the ignition is switched on.
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - Sooty Tailpipes
1 switch on the ignitors
2 switch off radio button
3 press and hold AS button and swich back on
Display shows code ----
4 Enter the code for the radio by pressing buttons 1,2,3 & 4 to incres the digits
5 When correct code is displayed, press AS until a roger bleep is heard.

This works if the radio shows SAFE or PANEL.
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - astralover
My 4 door sporty looking Opel-(Chevrolet)-Astra was purchased at the one Dealer in country brand new.

Battery lasted nearly 2 yrs. Put a new Car Battery and the radio went silence and a SAFE indicator is always on now in the upper display. My best record is still inside, captive.

The agent says I need a card code but they never gave me one. I do not have a code for CDR 500 VDO. How can i get the radio to work again? Or is it a loss.

Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - John S
As you mention Opel I guess you're not UK based. Vx (UK) can and do supply replacement code cards for their cars. This includes codes for the ECU (needed if you buy new keys) and the original radio units. No reason to suppose these are not available elsewhere.

Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - yingers

thanks sooty tailpipes, your advice got my cd radio going in the time it took to punch the code in. no criticism intended, but i knew you meant ignition, not ignitors as written. thanks again yingers

Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - Victorbox
Also the radio manual (and owner manual) can be downloaded here vauxhall.co.uk/ownership/downloadManuals.jhtml

Hope this helps.
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - triple h
hi i think i can help you... if you have a different front panel to the unit you basically have to recode the unit... so.. switch radio on..it should display "panel.". now switch off ignition and then radio. turn radio on whilst holding in the AS button and it should come on with "safe" displayed.. if this is the case.. simply enter your code you got with radio and press AS again until it beeps.. hope this helps triple h
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - bell boy
he scrapped it - triple h and got a nice mondeo ;-)
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - mtmm
Please help. My problem with my Siemens CDR500 CD Player is it was working fine, Stopped to go shopping and when I restarted the car display showed Panel (even though it hadn`t been removed).
Much fiddling etc and now I can get the system to now state " 10 SAFE ".

I`ve tried everything even wating in the car for over 20 minutes waiting for CODE but to no avail.
Is this all in vain

Please help favorite CD imprisoned
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - Dynamic Dave
If it's saying 10 SAFE then you should only have to wait a few seconds before being able to enter the code - but only if you entered the correct recoding proceedure.

Code Entry as Follows:
Turn Off Stereo
Switch On Ignition (No Need To Start Engine)
Press & Hold Preset " AS " and
Switch Radio On - Display Shows
" SAFE " And Then Shows " 10 - - - - "
Press preset " 1 " repeatedly for 1st Digit
Press preset " 2 " repeatedly for 2nd Digit
Press preset " 3 " repeatedly for 3rd Digit
Press preset " 4 " repeatedly for 4th Digit
If the correct code number is now shown
Press & Hold Preset " AS " Until the Unit Beeps
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - Ellio
I tried putting two differant codes in as i am not sure which of the numbers in my book is the right one. Then turned the ignition off to try and find some other codes. I think i have found the right one now but it stays on 7 safe and wont go to the next stage to allow me to put a code in
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - Dynamic Dave
7 safe means that you will have to wait for a period of time before attempting another code entry.

From a previous post of mine, you'll have to wait 20 mins


During the waiting time, both the stereo and ignition needs to be turned on. (ignition needs to be on first click only)
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - steddyteddy
Can anyone help me i have a astra sri w a cd player cdr500 and when i turn it on all it say is CODE and there is no numbers after wating a cupple on min. can i do anything or is that it that i need to get a new one.

Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - SpamCan61 {P}
Go through the procedure DD describes 3 messages up.
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - astratweaks
Many thanks for posting the steps. I had the same problem after disconnecting the battery and was able to get the code from the seller but wouldn't have known how to go about entering it or the limited number of attempts.
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - slatey
hi guys,i have followed the procedure but i get no beep so i cant enter the code any ideas???
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - SpamCan61 {P}
Haven't had time to check properly myself but maybe something useful on this site:-


Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - Bob Harris
Can anyone help with another problem on this radio/CD player?

I can't tune my Vauxhall VDR (or is it VDO?)CDR 500manually. fm always scans for the nearest strong signal. I have a Nokia CA-119 fm transmitter for my Nokia 5800 xpressmusic phone with mp3 signal and its signal is not quite strong enough for the radio to automatically lock into it. Is it possible to manually tune with the VDR CDR500? Sorry I can't contribute to the original question.
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - Dynamic Dave
IIRC, press and release the RDS button, then press the left or right tuning arrow buttons to manually go up and down the frequencies.

You say that the transmitter isn't not quite strong enough for the stereo to automatically lock on. One of the features of Vx stereo's is that each time it does a full scan from 87.5 MHz to 108.0 MHz, when it loops back round to 87.5 MHz again it then increases the search strength. I *think* by the third loop it will find even the remotest radio station or signal.

Edited by Dynamic Dave on 20/01/2010 at 00:34

Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - SpamCan61 {P}
Like DD says, switch the RDS off. Personally I do find these radios a fiddle to tune manually.

If you want a Vauxhall user manual covering the CDR500 for the cost of an appropriate SAE then drop me an email at spamcan63@googlemail.com
Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - titch4

Hi i have tryed your coments to recode my vdo cdr 500 radio but the safe mode stays on and there is no bleep i have waited for 1 hour in the car and it wont let me recode it it was working before i took the battrie off for a new one but cannot get safe off can any one please help i need music thanks

Vauxhall CDR500 CD player problem - bigbang

Can anyone help????

Have bought a Vectra 2002 which has a VDO CDR500 which is in safe mode, the dealer wants £30 but wanted to see if anyone could possibly help me before i take the plunge?!?

The deets are: GM 13 107 918; PA6-GF15


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