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I have always serviced and repaired all my previous cars. Now I own a more technically advanced car, I am a bit wary, especially as Haynes have not yet produced a manual. But as Ford quotes £160 for a 30000 mile service, I am tempted to have a go, especially as the service schedule looks pretty straightforward. Am I likely to run into any problems?

Many thanks.
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Do you have the service booklet, and does it list the tasks to be carried out at the 30K service? If so, and provided there isn't anything awkward in there like a cambelt change, I would say 'have a go'. Manufacturers seem to pay more attention to ease of routine servicing than used to be the case (fewer bolts holding things together) and of course you don't have to touch the ignition or fuel injection systems except possibly to replace the fuel filter. I would use a genuine Ford oil filter, since they aren't generally very expensive. (If a Focus oil filter costs £25 from Ford, ignore that last bit.)
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Haynes might do a Focus manual by now. It's listed in their latest catalogue as 'forthcoming', catalogue number 3759, ISBN 1 85960 759 4. Have a look on the Haynes website:

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I sent an e-mail to Haynes a couple of months back enquiring as to the release date of a Focus manual and was told it's due out in November.
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Many thanks for the replies. I will go ahead with the service, and look out for the manual (which is still not mentioned on the Haynes web site).

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