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I was in a Tesco filling station the other day and saw a diesel additive priced at around £9.99. I am considering getting some sort of additive for the car which is a 1.4 Citroen AX Diesel. Would getting an additive be worth it and what is the best additive to get. I am willing to pay around £15
Re: Diesel Additives - Andrew Hamilton
honest john covered this some time ago. I think he recommended Millers which I use. Try the Search facility.
Re: Diesel Additives - honest john
Miller's DieselPower Plus

Diesel drivers worried about a lack of lubricity of the fuel they are using can adopt belt and braces protection by adding Miller's DieselPower Plus to the fuel. This contains a lubricity enhancer to ensure adequate lubrication of the high pressure diesel pump; a cetane improver to give a better 'burn' (hence better power and economy; and a detergent to help keep the fuel system, particularly the injectors, clean. For stockists, tel: 0800 281 053.

Re: Diesel Additives - ROBIN
If you really have to then use Millers,if it makes any difference then you are either not servicing your vehicle enough,or using it incorrectly.
Some years ago I heard Gerd Van Acken say much the same thing,I suppose he'd know......

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