Peugeot tyre / rim width size question. - was8v
I have recent 175/65/14 tyres on original steel wheels fitted at the moment on my 306.

I was looking at some used alloys recently that were 6" wide by 14" diameter. Would it be possible to mount my existing good tyres on these wheels?

Is there anywhere that recommends rim width/tyre width combinations?

I would probably replace them with 185/60/14 tyres when they need it, I was just hoping to get all the life out of my current tyres.

Has anyone any experience of using 18mm spacers to mount Ford fit alloys to Peugeots? The centre bore of the ford wheel is smaller than peugeot, but this wouldn't matter since the spacer pushes the wheel out so the centre won't contact.
Peugeot tyre / rim width size question. - Peter D
You could but they will not only look a bit silly but could cause rapid deflation under heavy cornering compliance of the tyre wall could be exceeded and pull the tyre off the bead. Add to that the tyre is not wide enough to protude further than the rim thus leaving you prone to kerbing the alloys then the answer is no. 185 60's are the minimum for a 6J allow I think. Regards Peter

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