Shiny new socket set - Mapmaker
I'm looking for a nice new shiny socket set (last one having been nicked with the car...) of decent quality, in a tidy box, metric only (I'm not planning ever to run a P6). Probably with a range of screwdriver/allen key/star ends as well.

I don't want (need) a truly properly seriously professional set costing hundreds.

What do you recommend - and indeed - where from?

I did have a Halfords 'professional' set before which I'd been given, but all those imperial sockets are just a waste of space & money.
Shiny new socket set - Mystic
Some of the Proxxon stuff is quite nice ( but i don't know where you'd get it in the UK.

Shiny new socket set - Ivor E Tower
Have you tried your local motor factors?
Or ask at your local garage if, for instance, the "Snap-on" rep calls in, and could you see him next time?
There must be other places eg on the web where you can buy (but without looking or getting a feel for the perceived quality). Screwfix perhaps?
Shiny new socket set - trancer
If mapmaker didn't want a professional set costing hundreds, I can't see him wanting a professional set costing thousands such as Snap-On 8-).

Machinemart have a "Clarke Professional" range that has a lifetime guarantee. They also have lower priced options, but without the lifetime guarantee.
Shiny new socket set - Kuang
Surspisingly, Littlewoods Index used to do some decent ones. Nothing is amazing quality but they have a large range of bits and pieces (including wire strippers, watchmakers screwdrivers, etc) and are certainly good enough for most things. Mine cost around £20 a couple of years ago, and is still going strong.
Shiny new socket set - bikemade3

Do what i am doing buy a tool chest from a Motorfactor and then buy only the tools you need metric / imperial I'm buying Halfords sockets and Draper spanners seperately a couple each month.By the end of the year i'll have all the tools i'l ever need.
Shiny new socket set - Phil I
Could not agree more with Bikemade. From a set of socket spanners I guarantee there will be at least 50% of the sizes you will never use. Find a good ironmonger (few and far between nowadays ) and buy some good quality pieces as and when you can afford.

Happy Motoring Phil I
Shiny new socket set - NARU
Two ideas...

When I was in Halfords yesterday they were selling their complete stock of teng tools off at half price. Must have been on for a couple of weeks as there isn't much left at my branch.

Costco's sets look good value but I haven't examined them closely as I'm happy with the ones I already have.
Shiny new socket set - rg

A kind of \"farmer\'s hardware supply\" place on the web.

They have a sale on and seem to be discounting sockets and spanners.

It\'s worth getting the catalogue just for a good read (yes, I am that sad...more news content than some red-tops, though)

Shiny new socket set - smudgethecat
halfords proffesional tools are actually made by facom so should be a good reasonably inexpensive buy
Shiny new socket set - shaunthesheep
mines from halfords as well, its one of the better sets ive seen around. it cost me about £50, which so far so good, ive not managed to break any of the sockets, touch wood!
shaun the sheep
ford fiesta. 1.8d. j reg. 91'.
Shiny new socket set - martint123
I got one of these some time ago (probably slightly different now). Lifetine warranty - I've had no need for it yet. Ask in one of the shops when their next 'vat free day' is and save a few quid as well.

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