Buying new car via the internet - Halmer
I've located a site where the car that my wife wants is some £600 cheaper than the best cash price that I can get out of my local FIAT dealer.

What safeguards should I take before parting with my hard earned money? How do I know that I wont pay up and end up with nothing?

My mate's business buys all their cars over the net without any fuss but the company can't compete in this case. Has anyone else bought over the internet?
Buying new car via the internet - Welliesorter
Just do a forum search on this site for 'broker'. You'll find lots of previous posts on the subject, most of them reassuring.

The safest bet is a broker who takes no money from you but just passes your details onto a proper dealer.

I bought via They took no money. I paid a small deposit (by credit card - this adds a measure of security) to a dealer and didn't hand over the rest until I'd seen the car.

Buying new car via the internet - how
If it's a broker, do not pay them any money, as you have no comeback,pay the dealer as you can always report the dealer to Fiat UK. Get the dealer's address and check it out. Whats the broker name?
Buying new car via the internet - jeds
Halmer, just check all the details - inclusions, exclusions etc. - very carefully. I nearly bought a brand new passatt on the internet which was about £2000 cheaper than the best dealer price I could get. A very thorough comparison started to show up differences. e.g. the internet option had no radio, no 3 year warranty and was a completely different spec to the dealer car.
Buying new car via the internet - Motorwayman
Wellisoeter is quite right. All good brokers go via this route.

Any different, give it a miss imo!!

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