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Looking to buy a used Peugeot 106. Rather suprised to find they do not have water temperature gauges. Quite suprised, as all but my first car, a 1963 Viva, have all had temperature gauges.

Is this a problem?

Is it possible to fit one as an accessory?
peugeot 106 water temp gauge - Altea Ego
They have a warning light - which is easier to see in emergency water situations. you cant spot trends or early warning signs tho
peugeot 106 water temp gauge - pugdriver
My Wife's (now my son's) 205 Junior is the same. Never been a problem, but we always make sure to keep a good eye on coolant levels and have the fans checked once a year for operation. Very important as if the fan sensing circuit fails, you will boil when stationary (as happended to my 405 Turbo once)

You can fit a gauge, I'm told by my local mechanic, it's not a big job. Up to you really.

If in doubt, get the vendor to demonstrate the fans in action for you. Could take a while, as you have to sit with the engine running and get up to about 90 degrees of coolant temp.

peugeot 106 water temp gauge - madf
SWMBO has owned Peugeot 106 diesel from new (1993). No overheating problems ever.

But the top hose on drivers side of engine is complex and prone to splitting after 6-7 years near bleed valve at top. I suggest you check it carefully. Easy change but iirc 4 years ago cost £35 and had to order it.. so check.

Also check radiator : later ones prone to corrode at top.

Well maintained = no problems. No maintenance = could be..


peugeot 106 water temp gauge - spanner dave

There is an adaptor on the market and ebay where you can fit it to the top coolant hose. It consists of an alloy casting tapped to take a sensor. You cut the top hose and fit the adaptor using jubilee clips. Then just wire in an after market guage. It's an easy and relatively cheap conversion to do, and pay's dividends especially with the large number of cars being produced without coolant guages. I've done this on Peugeot 106's and some Ford Ka's with good results. Just remember if doing it yourself, the 106 and Saxo cooling systems can be a pain to bleed.


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