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Dealer/Flat Battery/Radio Code - vercin
Dear All,

The C5 went into Citroen Dealer for non urgent body repairs and is there for 2 weeks. No problem.

Get call from dealer today to say whilst at subcontractor, battery has gone flat (no explanation given to my question of why?) and key code for radio has been triggered and what is it please? They are asking becuase although the radio was factory fitted but is not apparently on the Citroen system. I don't have it so they will contact the dealership who sold me the car to see if they have it.

A quick search of the HJ site gives me some useful tips under coded messages in 1998 but does not give me any other consequences of unexpectedly flattening a battery on a car with an alarm, satnav, computer etc. (my serach question may have been too complex)

1) What other things should be checked ( i.e. could have gone wrong) before I accept the vehicle back from dealer?
2) Will this cause damage to the battery?
3) If so how can I check?

Your thoughts would be most welcome


Dealer/Flat Battery/Radio Code - Claude
1) They probably left interior light on or sidelights so probably nothing else is wrong and maybe nothing needs resetting except the radio code. Unless your type of key fob is one that requires to be synchronised. Your drivers manual will say if it does. If you were very very cynical you might wonder if someone had taken your good battery out and put an older one in its place.
2) Not as a one-off occurrance.
3) As you havnt a real measure of what the condition of the battery was previously (other than it was ok) any test you do now doesnt put you in a position to go back and argue anything with them.

You would be very unfortunate if there was any more to this than just a flat battery.
Dealer/Flat Battery/Radio Code - Simon
Remember though that it may not be a case of the battery going flat as such, the bodyshop may have simply disconnected it for safety whilst they were carrying out the repairs and thus the dealer has just assumed it has gone flat rather than it had been disconnected.
Dealer/Flat Battery/Radio Code - Civic8
Battery would have to be very low to lose the memory on a radio
As you did not mention how bad damage was.Would possibly assume
a new panel was fitted.If so battery would need to be disconnected in order to weld the new panel on.And I know some panels are bolted but Don`t know about welding a panel with battery connected will blow up the battery
accidents have been caused by this in years gone by,
Your dealer should have a record of the code for the car? if not should have been a card with Doc`s giving code for it but then did you buy new?If not try and trace the company it was first bought from.?
Dealer/Flat Battery/Radio Code - vercin
Just a quick thank you note to you three for your postings. They were vey helpful.

FYI. A front wing was replaced and the baterry was, therefore, disconnected. With respect to the radio code, dealer now confirms one is not necessary for the C5. Dealer apologised for their error.

Thanks people



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