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Rover 400 P reg, body water leaks - Mike Lennon
I would be grateful to hear from anybody who has had experience of rain water leaks entering behind the dash board ( in this case at left hand side). The water trickles down behind the glove compartment and comes up through the carpet
Re: Rover 400 P reg, body water leaks - Martyn (Back Room Moderator)
If you live anywhere near me I'm not surprised you're writing about leaks this morning!
Re: Rover 400 P reg, body water leaks - Ian Cook

Sorry, I don't know the Rover but I had exactly the same problem on a Citroen ZX and a Peugeot 205, so this might be worth checking.

On these cars, under the bonnet there are drainage areas adjacent to the bulkhead, in the vicinity of the bonnet hinges. I found that one side (passenger side, coincidently) had filled with water. I had to poke around in this puddle with a thin metal probe until I'd unblocked the drain hole at the bottom.

When all the water drained away I then found that this drainage area had filled with leaves othe dust etc.

Re: Rover 400 P reg, body water leaks - Ian Cook
Sorry, Mike. I should have added that water was entering the car via cable grommets in the bulkhead, although I never traced which one. I just used to keep the drain areas under the bonnet clear.

Re: Rover 400 P reg, body water leaks - Andrew Hamilton
I had that problem with Escort Mk 3. Cured it by removing the old perished rubber used to seal and replaced it with silicon rubber. This is ideal as easily removed if mistake made, transparent but very sticky before setting. So use simple masking or insert nozzle below surface and smooth with finger. Stays flexible for years but does not like painting over unless you make an effort.
Rover 400 Water Ingress - David Lacey
This sould be caused by many things, Windscreen fit and seal is the most probable culprit here I guess. These screens are bonded in and there is very little you can do DIY wise to fix a leak.

There is a TSB detailing water ingress into the front footwells of 1996 to 1998 Model year 400 Series cars - if you provide me with your fax number, I will gladly pass it on to you.

Kind regards

Re: Rover 400 Water Ingress - Mike Lennon

Have been on holiday but I would be grateful if you would please fax me a copy of the TSB on water ingress into the front footwells of Rover 4oo series cars. My fax number is 01279 843699.

Best regards

Mike Lennon

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