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Cavalier replacement - chris madley
Further to recent ECU posting and 3 rd Camshaft sensor in 18months. I am looking for suggestions for a replacement for an Mreg 2 liter Cavalier, same sort of size same sort of price but something that doesnt suffer an apparently unfixable problem when it hits 5 years and 80,000 miles. ...... or am I asking too much.
Re: Cavalier replacement - Andrew Bairsto
BMW 3 series diesel or a Citroen c5 HDI diesel
Re: Cavalier replacement - Andy P
Honda Accord (that's what I replaced my Cavalier with a month or so ago).

Re: Cavalier replacement - Richard Hall
Late model Audi 80, possibly early Audi A4 (if you can find one at a sensible price), Nissan Primera or VW Passat. All available with 2.0 engine, all good for 200,000 miles plus with regular servicing.
Re: Cavalier replacement - David Woollard

If I read the question correctly that you want to trade sideways then any "posh" car will have to be very old/rough.

What could suit is a 95/96 TD Citroen Xantia SX. They do have their maintenance moments but you will be getting a roomy well trimmed interior, sharper handling than the Cavalier, good economy from a very well proven engine, rust free body, super ride.

You should look for one with a service history and up to 80,000 miles in a good colour. Check the timing belt and major 72,000 mile service have been completed or budget £250 - £400 for a garage to do this.

Thing is about one this long as the battery is good and you wait 5 secs for the glowplugs it will start and run forever without ECU and petrol engine niggles.

It is still a point everyone has to learn that ECU fuel injection in old cheap cars is going to be a major problem in years to come, often they aren't worth fixing.

Re: Cavalier replacement - Andrew Wills
anyone wanna a low mileage (48k) and hitherto very reliable Cav M reg V6 CDX auto - t'iz my 7th Cav CD and I luv it to bits, but it gotta go...
Re: Cavalier replacement - chris madley
Thanks for the replies,
David you were correct in the trading sideways comment, though posh factor is not so important, hadn't considered a Citroen it's given me something to think about.
Andy, you are talking to somebody who had top and bottom end problems on his wifes Accord Aerodeck frightened me off a bit. Lovely and reliable car until that point but potential cost of repair was unacceptable
Cavalier replacement - David Lacey
Late as possible (Mreg) Audi 80 TDi would make a safe and sound choice, methinks.
Nothing wrong with the Xantia, either.


Audi 80TDi vs Citroen Xantia TD. - David Woollard

We've owned an 80 of this body shape (petrol) and it was quite like a "mini-Mercedes". It is true owners, and those who see you in one, will perceive it to have far more prestige than the Xantia. I wouldn't argue with that.

But the Xantia has a huge price advantage here. Retail a '94-M Xantia would struggle to find a buyer at £3000, many are in the small ads for under £2000. The 80 TDi is very different, a clean met silver one will be happily retailed for £4450.

Re: Audi 80TDi vs Citroen Xantia TD. - Richard Hall
But the Audi should hold its value a bit better. Xantias are rapidly heading into Bangernomics territory - two in last week's Auto Trader for under a grand.
Re: Audi 80TDi vs Citroen Xantia TD. - David Woollard
Richard you're right, the Xantia isn't just heading into bangernomics territory, it re-defines the term. I too see them for well under £1000.

I was trying to give a like for like price comparison above that might be reflected by the dealers. In reality the Xantia will often plummet well below the guide prices to produce a stunning bargain.

Pop a personal number onto a clean SX in a good colour and those you carry will have no idea if they are travelling in £1000 or £10,000.

Re: Audi 80TDi vs Citroen Xantia TD. - chris madley
Well you seem to have guessed my motor preferences David I think Ive only spent more than two and half on a car once and thats my 65 Sprite. I have always reckoned that if I can drive them around for a few years without any major cost,the resale value is not that important. Thats what has been so annoying about the Cavalier as its only problems have been engine sensor related. Anybody else with similar problems can I suggest you check out the "Cavweb" site.
Re: Audi 80TDi vs Citroen Xantia TD. - ROBIN
I hate to state the obvious,but since not every Cavalier has this problem why does yours?
Had an Audi 80 once that destroyed its distributer every 15000 miles,nobody ever knew why......

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