Survival rate - Andrew Hamilton
Wondered if there is any site that shows how many cars of particular registration year survive. Nothing found on DVLC site.
Fascinating to see in Which Car 2001 that the Landrover was the most unreliable of newest models and Skoda better than Ford. Daihatsu got the top rating.
Re: Survival rate - Alvin Booth
I'm cyniical of these "Which Car" and "JD power surveys. I just can't believe a relatively small survey can give a true picture. Incidentally I was reading one of the "Which motor surveys" in the library the other day and if I recall correctly it gives the number of survey returns against each model. I seem to remember that there was (14) for one. There's also the factor of people who wish to justify there unusual buy! by giving a good score.
Not related to this but I always puzzle over "Players player of the year" and can't imagine how its done. They can only see the player they vote for twice a season if they are playing themselves and being a star!!!! also, could you imagine them voting for anyone in a secret ballot other than themselves.....
beats me how its done, or does Sir Alex walk into the dressing room and say this is the fella wer'e going to vote for.
Re: Survival rate - Bill Doodson

I made a similar comment some time ago about the statistical reliability of these surveys. I tried to find the thread but Martyn seems to put a time limit on the old threads so I couldn't find it. I recall the JD Top Gear survey showing that Mitsubishi had the best cars a couple of years ago (I think it was Mitsi but not 100%), but how many cars where reviewed? I cant believe that Mitsi sell enough of any one model to be statisticaly reliable in a survey like this. For reliable stats to be made the political pollsters seem to need a minimum of 1000 samples, and then look how often they get that wrong. I also think that I made the point that Skoda owners had scored their cars higher than most Merc, BM and Jag owners. But probably they have lower expectations from their cars than the owners of Mercs, Bms etc.
We all have our prejudices on cars or bikes but I wish we had consumer information like they do in the states. It would make choosing my next bangernomics car much easier.

Hopefully still talking sense at this time in the morning

Re: Survival rate - Martyn (Back Room moderator)
Bill Doodson wrote:
> Alvin,
> I made a similar comment some time ago about the statistical
> reliability of these surveys. I tried to find the thread but
> Martyn seems to put a time limit on the old

No, Bill, no time limits. You should be able to find anything if you dig deep enough.
Re: Survival rate - Independent Observer
Don't the breakdown organisations keep stats?
Best Survival rate - David Woollard

Interesting you should mention the modern Land Rover. I think there are more Land Rovers on the road (out of the total ever registered) than any other vehicle. The percentage still registered is said to be about 75%. Of course this includes all those old ones any decent blacksmith could get running again.

I wonder what might be the best of normal modern cars?

VW Golf?
Nissan Bluebird/Sunny?
Mercedes 190/200 Series?

Re: Best Survival rate - Andy P
If sales in the US are anything to go by, the current Toyota Camry must be near the top. The Honda Accord (pre 99) was the best selling car in the US for ten years. In every survey, the Japanese manufacturers come out top for reliability and customer satisfaction. My father has had various Honda cars since the first Accord and has never had anything go wrong.

Re: Best Survival rate - Chris
Ireland (before the scrappage subsidy) used to be the place to see which cars would go for longest with no maintenance at all. In the mid-eighties I seem to remember seeing lots of very battered, rust and smoky Peugeots and Fords.


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