'98 Scenic 1.6 - Hot Starting - PST
Another Scenic question...this one belongs to a colleague.

It's a 1998 1.6 Auto - not the best combo, I know - and the last couple of months it has been getting very difficult to start when the engine is warm after a long-ish run.

Cold starts are fine but when warm it just turns over and either takes 5 mins to catch or won't start at all. If it does start the idling is normal (no lumpiness).

It does mostly short runs with a 70 mile run once or twice a week. It was serviced independently in November which made a slight improvement - I'm trying to find out what was changed/adjusted.

Any pointers to look at that might be causing this?

'98 Scenic 1.6 - Hot Starting - Ivor E Tower
Insufficient fuel enrichment? May be an ECU or temperature sensor fault.

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