Dusty engine? oil change - alapppy

I have just taken delivery of a 'new' beetle 1,8 t. The car had been standing for almost a year on a car lot. I have had the coil packs changed ( recall)and at the same time noticed that the entire engine was covered with about 1/4 inch of fine dust..I just wonder where it had been stored!!!.

Although it only has 500 miles on it in view of its age and the dust would it be worth an oil change/filter now...also the air filter at the same time

I have blown off most of the dust with an air line and the bug is looking great!


Dusty engine? oil change - steveo30
yeah an oil and air filter change sounds like a great idea..god knows how much has been sucked into the engine
Dusty engine? oil change - Cliff Pope
Can it legally be described as "new" in that condition?
Shop-soiled and marked down at half-price surely.
Dusty engine? oil change - DL
I'd want four new tyres for a start..
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Dusty engine? oil change - blank
Tha dust won't have been sucked into the engine, that's what an air filter is for. Might be worth checking the air filter and changing it if it is heavily contaminated?

Dusty engine? oil change - Vansboy
Air filter change could be a good idea.

Oil should stay 'till first official service. ref all the posts about factory filled original oil.


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