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A friend has suggested that you cannot hot-wire diesels because of the need to warm the coils up first. Assuming you always lock your car and fit a steering wheel lock of some kind, does that make cars with diesel engines less likely to be nicked by joyriders and 'chancers'? And is it always obvious whether a car runs on petrol or diesel? Because if not, would a large sign in the window saying 'diesel, harder to nick' be a worthwhile precaution in areas of high car crime?
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A well maintained diesel *will* start without glow-plugs but will require more cranking and will produce more smoke than normal.

The Co. I work 4 uses a large number of diesel plant and all shifts ignore the procedure of warm-up and simply crank until start and then rev like hell....

.....but, if I were a joyrider I would not steal a diesel if there were a hot hatch next door.
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Sorry Guy was a bit sharp with you, you know these young fellows...minds always racing to the next topic....not a moment to spare......GTI outside needing driving.

Before the days of a steering lock "hotwiring" was just a case of bridging a wire from the battery to the two places needed for starting/running. Now the steering lock has to be broken off first, this is often easier than expected though. On some cars this then reveals the back of the ignition switch that can be started with a key, on others hotwiring at the switch or under the bonnet is needed.

In the early 90s some diesels were very easy to underbonnet hotwire because the terminals you needed to use and the battery were close and so easy to see.

Now diesels have almost as much complication as a petrol with ECUs and makers alarm/immobiliser. So the real answer to your query is there's not a great deal of difference, and see the recent thread about them pinching your keys first so taking the car is a doddle.

But Guy imagine them looking at the Xantia 2.1TD and 2.0 Golf GTI parked together, which to take?? Both a decent drive, virtually the same power output....we'll have the one with a massive 50% torque has to be the Xantia!

Of course by the time they've waited for the glowplug cycle and then for the suspension to pump up (poetic licence here, later Xantia owners willl know) on the Citroen they'll wish they'd had the Golf.

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Citroens plus diesel vs petrol in three David, my goodness this site *is* getting back up to speed! ;-D

I would agree that there is little difference nowadays, plus with drive by wire it makes even the get you home option of a bit of string through the window and bonnet pulling on the throttle lever as a solution to a cable break.

Does this mean a classic L-R gets more attractive by the minute, plus those girders masquerading as bumpers outfaze even Homme de Van Blanc.
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Stuart B wrote:

> Does this mean a classic L-R gets more attractive by the
> minute, plus those girders masquerading as bumpers outfaze
> even Homme de Van Blanc.

Here - I resemble that remark! Your too right, Stuart. Things with bumpers that size command an awful lot of respect. If if hit that in my C15 van I don't think I'd have much left.

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If David Woollard thinks a Xantia 2.1TD is quick, then he better park round the corner of his VW dealer, bite a bullet or two, and take a test drive in a Golf GT TDI PD 130. The news is that the previously lacklustre Golf Mk IV is now well and truly sorted. See Road Test on this site.

Test driving Golfs. - David Woollard

You're right about parking round the corner from the VW dealer, ours wouldn't let you test drive a Golf if you turned up in a Xantia, you'd fail the vetting way before getting in the seat!

PS. Thought you were up a bit late, posting at about the same time as old wotsisname used to come up with his best (?) gems. I've come a cropper clicking on Post after midnight, to late to be razor sharp methinks.

Re: Test driving Golfs. - David Woollard
Sorry the PS was meant for Guy.

Ooopps - Guy Lacey
Sorry Sue.

It was late and I was tired.

I won't do it again!

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