more range rover stuff - spencer the artist
thanks again to the guys who wrote back about my range rover. I have a 5 speed manual, with a short stick in case you were wondering, 91 3.9. After a bit of practice I have now more or less mastered the gearchange, bringing the damn clutch up nice and sloooow. I'd probably get an auto next time.

I have found the fuel consumption to be fairly reasonable considering the engine size, but having tried a few autos, and observing the way the engine revs like mad and stays in low gear for ages, I bet the auto would use loads more petrol.

As it is I can live with the present consumption and I'm not going to bother with an lpg job, especially on a RR worth about £2500.

Lastly, there is a scrap place in Farnworth near Manchester that only deals in landrover bits. I just got a new rad there for £60 with a 6 month guarantee! Not bad eh gentlemen?

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