is this true????parking tickets - pienmash
friend of mine from school,whom i met after 10 years ,kept getting parking tickets from a certain tory local gov ,i said to him ,you better pay them otherwise youll get your car towed,he sat down wrote out chq,s for bout 10 tickets all were for 80 pounds,he wrote the chq at 80 pounds and one pence,i asked whats the one pence for,listen to this bit,he said that when you write a chq for a parking ticket for this certain local gov,they send you a computer written (chq for one pence )back for over payment,then what you do is never cash the chq,ala the parking ticket which was issued gets stuck in the computer system as payed but never cashed...i.e. your chq for 80 pounds and one pence never gets cashed,until you cash your chq for one pence,hope this makes sense. ive tryed this and never heard nothing back of my local council ,the person who told me (my friend)is a computer programmer and wrote the program that alot of local councils use for parking ,so as anybody else tryed this????
is this true????parking tickets - Colin M
Yes, a colleague at worked tried this and got fined for contempt of court or some other more serious offence.

is this true????parking tickets - Hawesy1982
A mate of mine claims the same about speeding fines, send a £61 cheque then don't cash the £1 refund and you don't get your points either.

I can only assume that this did work at some point as someone else told me that they had recently put an end to this loophole.
is this true????parking tickets - patently
The other way out of scamera tickets, parking ticket etc is to be a chief constable or have the home secretary on board, of course.
is this true????parking tickets - Dynamic Dave
A mate of mine claims the same about speeding fines, send
a £61 cheque then don't cash the £1 refund and you
don't get your points either.

This was discussed on 5th Gear a little while ago. Tiff Needle mentioned that it doesn't work. All you end up doing is making a rod for your own back and only likely to end up in more serious trouble.
is this true????parking tickets - THe Growler
Sounds good, but could we have it in English?
is this true????parking tickets - J Bonington Jagworth
I expect he's a relative of e.e.cummings...
Die dulci fruere!
is this true????parking tickets - Ivor E Tower
Back in the 1970's a colleague of my dad discovered a loophole woth parking tickets that has now been closed.....if you paid the most recent ticket, your record got cleaned up. So once he got one ticket, he then parked wherever he liked for the next 2 weeks, collected as many tickets as he could (as it were) then paid the last one only, and that wiped all records of the previous tickets, the system worked on the basis that you paid them in order.

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