Smokers Car - peter
Having just bought a cheapy as a temporary car for my wife she has an aversion to the fact that the previous owner must have been an inveterate chain smoker. (I dont know how I was conned, I suspect the windows / heater etc must have fully opened for hours before I test drove it).

I have tried copious amounts of Fabreze with hardly any success.

Any body else sucessfully solved the problem?

PS I will not declare the car as my credibility on matters of judgement will sink below zero!

The only alternative will be to pass it on the same way.
Re: Smokers Car - Andrew Bairsto
Its amazing people can afford to smoke and run a car in the UK.
I suggest a steam fabric cleaner this is what they use in my local opel dealers.
I am sure you can hire them for a day.
Re: Smokers Car - Phil Goodacre
Any decent valeter should be able to cure the problem with a full interior valet fot about £30.
Re: Smokers Car - peter
My initial thought was to use a valet, but i question how thoro they will be.

Price in the local area is nearer £60!, ......approaching the value of the car.
Re: Smokers Car - Malcolm
Never mind the smell, tell us what you have bought for £60, it must be much more interesting!!.
Re: Smokers Car - Michael
my local vw dealer put "orange crystals" iin the ash trays of a loan car that I had, to absorb the smell of cigars left by previous user. Not sure what they are but they seemed to work quite well.
DIY Valet. - David Woollard

If you've saved money by buying a cheap car then why not save more money by doing the valet yourself?

There is an art to this, in particular with a smokers smell. First take out all the clutter and give it a really thorough vacuum. Then you need to wash every surface, not just spray something on top and polish. Get a quality interior cleaner spray for plastic and fabric (assuming no leather in your bargain car!). You will need a bucket of warm water, nail brush, cloth and towel. Spray on the surface cleaner and work in with the nail brush, leaving for a few minutes. Use the warm water and damp cloth to wipe of excess, wringing it out and wiping again. Repeat 'till all the cleaning product/dirt is removed. Then get the clean towel and rub area 'till dry, this step will remove the last of the dirt.

You need to treat every single surface like this, plastic panels, dash, seats, headlining, carpets.

One good tip...take out the ashtrays and clean these in the sink with scalding water/squeezy. I have seen a £60 valet wher they just tipped out the ashtrays and the car was smelling again in a matter of hours from the "tar" deposits.

Then when the car has dried in an hour or two use an interior "back to black" type spray on all the plastic/rubber trims and polish it all.

Finally clean the inside of the windows with a leather to remove the extra "tint" from dirt.

I think you'll notice a huge difference. If it does still smell after this then you can try the carpet type steam cleaner hire. They do a fantastic job on cloth seats and carpets but can leave the car a little damp for a while this time of year.

My choice would be Autoglym products, they are expensive but seem to go a long way and do the job well.

Oh yes, it wasn't you at the Bedford auction buying that 1993 Lada Riva Estate (with MOT) for £25 ? We won't be unkind if you own up!

Re: DIY Valet. - peter
Ta for comprehensive answer, there is obviously no option but hard work!

I said '£60 ....approaching value' (not cost). PS It was a 340 1.7,

but it does join the family fleet of

Ford Fiesta Zetec (normally for the wife)
Golf GTI 8v mk2 for me (57k accreditted miles but ex cat D, very light)
TR7 conv for me on sunny dry days (63k genuine miles and never welded)
Old Polo (daughter)

and still sitting in the garage a Kit built Scamp from 15 yrs ago! Any offers?

My maintenance skills
Re: DIY Valet. - John Slaughter

I'd agree with all that you say - no substitute for elbow grease.

Highly recommend getting out the VAX to do the upholstry though, as it does thoroughly wash through the surface, and it soon dries out.

Re: Smokers Car - honest john
I'd use the Simoniz interior cleaner sold by Vauxhall dealers. Gets everything off, including congealed engine oil out of carpets.

Re: DIY Valet. - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd.)
Yep, interested in the Scamp. Off website I think!
Scamp. - David Woollard

Quite happy for Andrew to have first go at the Scamp, but was it that thing you sat on like a motorbike with three wheels?

Re: Scamp. - peter
Scamp was mini based Steel box section space frame with Al panels. looked very like a moke. Kit was made by a co somewhere around Fleet I think. There is an active owners club somewhere on Internet.

I will Andrew first shot but if you a re interested send me a mail to
Smokers' car. - Andrew Moorey (Tune-Up Ltd)
Had very good results using a product called G101 by AUTOSMART as the cleaning fluid. Spray on with a hand spray and rinse with clean water.Rub in well with a brush on upholstery. Leaves a fresh smell and leaves vinyl/plastic surfaces a nice matt finish ready for retreatment with dash sheen.

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