BMW325tdse - Oilburner
Thinking about buying one of these say 1994 or 95.

Two questions: are they any good, and what do I need to look out for.


BMW325tdse - Sooty Tailpipes
These engines can be a bit dodgy if not properly looked after, which at the age, there is possibly a high chance of, If they aren't dodgy, it's a lovely engine, but when bits start to pack up, theyre a nightmare.
The waterpumps throw their plastic impellers, this leads to overheating and head failure.The heads can be porous anyway.
On high mileage with manual transmission, the crankshaft end bearings can devekop excessive play and noise. The valvetrain can be quickly worn out by not changing the oil when the service indicator tells people to; The engines by that age, can suffer expensive electrical and sensor problems.

Basically, listen carefully to the engine from cold start, go for a run, and then listen to it when hot, Make sure there is no heavy knocking at any point, or light tambourine rattle which is not really.rythmical.
Check inside the coolant reservoir for exhaust gas, ie, by smell, sight (no black waxy layer on inside) also get someone to rev the engine to about 2000-25000rpm when hot, and inspect the coolant pumping into the header tank, and make sure it has no gas and bubbles in it.
BMW325tdse - DL
Nice sounding motor but getting on a bit now, showings it's age.

Don't think the MPG will be brilliant, compared to DI Diesels around.
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